The Iowa Youth Congress (IYC) and the State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council (SIYAC) are accepting applications for their 2014-2015 programs.  Iowa youth of all backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to apply to either/both programs.  Both the IYC and SIYAC offer leadership opportunities to traditionally underrepresented youth.  The councils strive to attain diverse membership in the areas of race, ethnicity, disabilities, gender and geographic residence of applicants.

The Iowa Youth Congress teaches participants about the legislative branch of government.  The participants will hold elections, propose mock legislation, debate mock legislation and pass youth-centered bills on the floor of the House of Representatives during the annual three day program.  Members of the IYC will present their bills to State Representatives and Senators, who can introduce them to the Iowa State Legislature.

The SIYAC is a youth-led council made up of 21 members from the ages of 14-21 from Iowa.  Members of SIYAC create partnerships with state agencies, communicate with state legislators, and promote state-wide service initiatives.  The SIYAC Council meets biweekly through conference calls and quarterly at the State Capitol.

There are no fees for either program.  For more information and/or to apply, please visit either or for SIYAC or IYC, respectively.

Applications submitted by May 1 receive priority consideration.  The deadline for all applications is June 15.  Applicants selected begin their terms July 1.

SIYAC and IYC are part of the Iowa Department of Human Rights, whose mission is to ensure basic rights, freedoms and opportunities for all by empowering underrepresented Iowans and eliminating economic, social and cultural barriers.