Since 2009, when the Legislature  extended a mandate for gender balance for state-level boards and commissions to county and city boards and commissions, many boards and commissions are still looking for qualified individuals to serve.

Although county boards and commissions are still trying to achieve gender balanced boards, there has been improvement.  Currently, in Iowa’s 200 most populous cities and 99 county seats:

  • Women hold 37.15% of city boards and commissions seats
  • 49.91% of all city boards and commissions reported are gender balanced
  • Women hold 27.86% of all chair positions
  • 17 cities have achieved gender balance on the nine boards and commissions examined

The Iowa Commission on Status of Women is providing a database for those seeking to serve on the boards and commissions and those seeking women to serve.

Women looking to serve on a board or commission in Iowa can sign up at .

If you are a  person looking to seat more women on your board or commission, you can view the .