Thurs. Mar. 30 – Wed. Apr. 5, 2017




HF 617         IDALS Code Cleanup.  Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship code cleanup legislation.  (passed House 97-0) to Senate Ways and Means Committee.


HF 624         Federal Block Grant.  Authorizes the state to expend $426.3 million in federal fiscal year 2018 and $332.5 million in federal fiscal year 2019 from federal block grant funds.  (passed Committee 25-0) to House Appropriations Calendar


HF 215         Autism Service Coverage Insurance Mandate – With Limits.  Requires state regulated insurance coverage of applied behavioral analysis for autism spectrum disorder for minors.  The bill includes limits on coverage including financial, and the number of visits, including others.  The bill takes effect January 1, 2018. (Signed; 1/1/18)

HF 309         Certificate of Insurance.  The bill codifies a bulletin from the Insurance Commissioner relating to certificates of insurance, which are documents that provides evidence of coverage for property and casualty insurance.  (passed 50-0) sent to Governor

HF 441         Laundry Occupations and Minors.  Allows minors to be employed to use laundry machinery.  For fourteen and fifteen year olds, the machinery must have less than a ten cubic foot capacity and the internal temperature does not exceed 212 degrees Fahrenheit.  (passed 47-3) sent to Governor

HF 518         Workers’ Compensation.  Makes numerous changes to Iowa’s longstanding workers’ compensation law relating to how long a person can receive benefits, the timely payment of benefits, and how a shoulder injury is classified.  (Signed; effective 7/1/17)

HF 541         Licensed Real Estate Professionals.  Updates Iowa code relating to Licensed Real Estate Professional including changes background information, allowing for the management of more than one office in Iowa, and other clean-up language.  (passed 50-0) sent to Governor

HF 559         Consumer Credit Transactions.  Makes various changes to update fees and charges that are overseen by the consumer credit code. (passed House Ways & Means Committee 21-2) to House Ways & Means Calendar

HF 586         Iowa Finance Authority.  Eliminate antiquated requirement to record bond issuance with the Secretary of State.  Codifies the Home and Community Based Services rent subsidy program under IFA.  Changes when grants are awarded from the Shelter Assistance Fund.  Codifies the change relating to the Mechanics Lien, due to a State Supreme Court decision.  (passed Senate 47-0) sent to Governor

SF 230          Legislative Branch Health Insurance Premiums.  Requires full time employees of the Legislative Branch and Legislature to pay the same portion, 20%, of the total monthly health insurance premium. (passed House 98-0) sent to Governor

SF 355          Regulation of Deposits by Municipalities.  Eliminates the regulation of Iowa Utilities Board over municipally owned utilities regarding the deposits which may be required by a utility for the initiation or reinstatement of services.  In addition, updates terminology to include “disconnected” in Iowa code. (passed House 96-0) sent to Governor


SF 240          Assessment New Approval Process.  Requires the Department of Education to issue a new RFP for a new assessment to be administered to certain grades.  The House amendment would have this RFP by July 1, 2017, and makes other technical corrections to the bill.  The State Board of Education would select the assessment based on the following: 1) The feasibility of implementation by school districts; 2) The cost to school districts and the state; 3) The cost of acquiring the infrastructure necessary for implementing technology readiness; 4) The degree to which it is aligned with the Iowa core academic standards; 5) The ability to measure student growth and student proficiency; 6) The ability of the assessment to meet the requirements of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act; and 7) The instructional time required to conduct the statewide assessment.  Non-public schools are not required to use the new assessment.  (passed Committee 95-3) to Senate floor with House amendment.

HF 472         Teacher Loan Programs.  Prevents someone from applying and receiving assistance from both teacher loan programs at the same time, the Teach Iowa Scholar program the Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness Program.  The College Aid Commission has not yet distributed loans through the program for the current Fiscal Year.  The Senate amendment would have the bill take effect immediately and would not allow double dipping going forward from the effective date.  The bill would also not apply to individuals that have received assistance concurrently through the two loan programs up until the point of the effective date of this act.  Thus, with the amendment, the bill would affect the awards yet to be made in the current fiscal year and going forward.  (passed Senate 50-0) to House floor with Senate amendment.

Environmental Protection

HF 202         DNR Cleanup Bill.  Department of Natural Resources (DNR) bill.  Transfers the duties of the solid waste alternatives program from the council to the DNR, removes language related to a beautification program no longer administered by the DNR, and cleans up language related to the DNR in the code.  (passed Senate 49-0 ) to Governor

Human Resources

HF 306         Online Nursing Training.  Allows other entities to provide online training for certified nursing assistants (CNA). In addition, a veteran may bypass the training if they can show evidence of training and experience.  The veteran must still pass the certification test to be included on the state registry.         (passed Senate 50-0) sent to Governor

HF 531         Report on Medicaid Asset Verification Program.  Requires the Department of Human Services to report to the Legislature on the status of the Medicaid Asset Verification Program, which was put in place in 2016.  (Signed; effective 3/30/17)

HF 532         Registrations with the Iowa Prescription Monitoring Program.  Requires prescribing practitioners that may prescribe controlled substances to register with the Iowa Prescription Monitoring Program. (passed Senate Human Resources Committee 12-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 544         Dependent Adult Abuse.  Expands the definition of dependent adult abuse to include personal degradation.  This is intended to cover cell phone/social media issues that were not present when the original law passed.  (Signed; effective 3/30/17)

HF 547         Background Investigations at Department of Human Services (DHS).  Allows for background checks of potential employees, contractors, vendors, etc., that will have access to income tax information of applicants or participants in state assistance programs administered by the DHS.  (passed Senate 49-0) sent to Governor

HF 548         Stroke Information Database.  Required the Iowa Department of Public Health and the University of Iowa to maintain a stroke information database. (Signed; effective 7/1/17)

HF 591         Supervision of Physician Assistants.  Requires the Physician Assistant (PA) Board to submit all complaints regarding practice or conduct received by the PA Board to the Medicine Board.  In addition, requires the PA Board to get approval from the Board of Medicine if they want to amend administrative rules regarding supervision by a physician.  (passed Senate 50-0) sent to Governor

HF 593         Mental Health Professionals and Civil Commitment. Allows mental health professionals to perform examinations and submit written statements and reports relating to the involuntary civil commitment process for persons with a substance-related disorder or serious mental illness. (sent to Governor)

SF 419          Nurse Licensure Compact. Updates the Interstate Nurse Licensure Compact (passed House 98-0) sent to Governor

SF 471          Abortion Restrictions.  Implements a 72 hour waiting period, biased counseling, bans abortions at 20 weeks.  Takes effect upon enactment. (passed House 55-41) to Senate with House amendment House Calendar

SF 479          Educational Services by Dental Hygienists.  Allows dental hygienists to perform educational services without direct supervision by a dentist. (passed House 96-0) sent to Governor


HF 161         Sexual Abuse and Assault Education.  Requires a stakeholder working group to develop recommendations on child sexual abuse and sexual assault awareness, including recommendations on continuing education requirements, in-service training, instruction.  (passed House 98-0) to Senate Judiciary Committee

HF 263         Domestic Abuse and Stalking.  Requires mandatory minimum sentences for certain domestic abuse assault and domestic relationship convictions, expands the definition of what constitutes stalking, prohibits the unauthorized placement of a GPS device, and makes other changes related to domestic abuse crimes.  (passed House 90-8) to Senate Calendar

HF 488         Nonsubstantive Code Corrections.  Makes nonsubstantive corrections to the Code.  (passed Senate 97-0) to Governor

HF 615         Financial Crime and Wire Transmitter Fund.  Requires a surcharge on drug paraphernalia convictions and a money service transfer fee of 1% on any money transfer service transaction.  This money is placed in the newly created Financial Crime and Wire Transmitter Fund to investigate criminal offenses committed for financial gain.  (passed Ways & Means Committee 15-10) to House Calendar

SF 376          Asbestos Claims.  Requires additional disclosure of asbestos bankruptcy claims, creates a priority for plaintiffs that may seek damages for asbestos related health impacts, and creates successor company liability limitations for asbestos claims.  (signed, effective 7-1-17)

SF 405          Substantive Code Corrections.  Makes substantive corrections to the Code.  (passed House 99-0) to Governor

SF 444          Increased Penalties for Use of Electronic Device while Driving and 24/7 Sobriety Program.  Increases the penalty for use of electronic devices while driving if there is an accident causing death. Creates a statewide 24/7 sobriety and drug monitoring program, and makes changes to the oversight of OWI monitoring programs.  (passed Ways & Means Committee 21-1) to House Calendar

SF 445          Law Enforcement Officer Confidentiality of Personnel Records.  Makes certain information about law enforcement officers and undercover law enforcement officers confidential.  (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar

SF 466          Jury Pool Management and Shorthand Reporter Oversight.  Makes changes to the administration of the juror lists and jury commissions and provides oversight of shorthand reporters by the courts.  (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar


SF 438          Project Labor Agreements.  SF 438 codifies Governor Branstads executive order 69 prohibiting PLAs on projects using state funds and extends that prohibition to all governmental entities (now state, cities, counties, schools, community colleges) and prohibits these entities from requiring a bidder to provide information  the bidder may deem confidential or proprietary. (passed House to 57-41) to Governor.

Local Government

HF 485         City Council Members Allowed to Serve as Volunteer Fire Fighters.  As passed by the House, the bill removes a prohibition so a city council member can serve as a volunteer fire fighter without compensation.  The Senate amendment removes, “without compensation.”   Most volunteer fire fighters do receive some type of compensation and the Senate amendment would also allow for workers’ compensation.  (passed Senate 50-0) to House floor with Senate amendment.

SF 439          Federal Liens Filed with the County Recorder.  Of the federal liens for items such as income taxes filed with the County Recorder, the original lien may now be returned to sender if the lien is filed electronically.   This will allow the recorders to clear out old records in storage that were filed electronically.   (passed House 98-0) to Governor

Natural Resources

HF 410         Palmer Amaranth as a primary noxious weed.  Puts the Palmer Amaranth on the primary noxious weed list as well as the list of invasive plants.  A fine can be applied if a person does not comply.  Amendment added that exempts Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) properties from this directive unless the removal of the plant complies with the CRP requirements. (passed Senate 50-0) to House Calendar

HF 475         Use of Straight Wall Cartridge Rifle. This bill allows the use of a straight wall cartridge rifle to hunt deer during the youth and disabled deer season and the first and second shotgun deer seasons.  A fine of $250 and a two-year suspension of a hunting license will be assessed if someone has a prohibited rifle in their possession.  (passed Senate 49-0) to Governor

HF 537         Snowmobile User Permits and Registration. This bill combines the snowmobile trail pass fee and the snowmobile registration fee into one decal with a payment of $30.00. (passed House Ways and Means Committee 23-0) to House Calendar

SF 257          Bass Fishing Tournament Regulations.  For DNR sponsored bass fishing tournaments, allows a person to submit five fish instead of three, and takes out the minimum length requirement needed to submit a bass for official weigh-in.  (passed House 96-0) to Governor

SF 472          Snowmobile User Permits and Registration. This bill changes the percentage of registration and trail fees that snowmobile clubs receive from 50% to 70% and allows the DNR to donate old trail grooming equipment to the snowmobile clubs.  (passed House 96-0) to Governor

Public Safety

HF 467         Iowa Communication Network.  Puts law enforcement communications systems of law enforcement agencies will be considered under the purview of ICN if requested by the agency.  (passed Senate 49-0) to Governor

SF 358          Electronic Application for a Search Warrant.  Creates a process for an electronic application of a search warrant.  (passed House 96-0) to Governor

State Government

HF 89           School Boards to IPERS. Allows for a school board operating a retirement system to move their retirement fund to IPERS. (Passed Senate State Government Committee) to Senate Calendar.

HF 471         Precinct Boundaries. Current law allows for auditors to consolidate precincts for school and city elections, this would allow for similar actions in a Primary and General elections. (Passed Senate 43-7) to Governor.

HF 462         Gaming Confidential Records. Clarifies certain records from the Racing and Gaming Commission, including promotional play receipts, customer records, and surveillance records. (Signed, effective 7-1-17)

HF 566         School Board Elections. Moves the date of school board elections from September to the same date as city elections in November and makes conforming changes. (Passed Senate State Government Committee) to Senate Calendar.

HF 571         Confidentiality of Audio/Video Recordings. Adds information from an audio or video recording regarding an injury or medical condition as a confidential record, a parent or guardian of someone under the age 18 may request to receive information in the audio or video of the call. (Passed Senate State Government Committee) to Senate Calendar.

SF 237          Practices of Public Accountants. Deals with the practice of public accountants and makes technical changes and industry standards changes, including the allowance to work across state lines.(Passed 98-0) to Governor.

SF 351          Emergency Response Commission. This eliminates the Emergency Response Commission as most of the duties have been assigned to the Iowa Department of Homeland Security and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. (Passed House 97-0) to Governor.

SF 410          Human Remains Disposition. This eliminates the requirement that a person names a designated adult to make decisions concerning final disposition of remains and ceremonies not be attached to a durable power of attorney. (Passed House 98-0) to Governor.


HF 218            Truck Length. Lengthens the maximum length for single truck from 41 to 45 feet. This puts Iowa in line with other states in the Midwest. (Passed the Senate 50-0) to Governor.

HF 289            Driver’s License. Allows for Clay and Carroll county to issue driver’s license. (Signed, effective 3-30-17)

HF 463            Motor Vehicle Enforcement. Clarifies what laws of the state Department of Transportation (DOT) Motor Vehicle Enforcement (MVE) officers are permitted to enforce as any other peace officer, includes sunset provisions. Also allows for a Commercial Learners Permits to be valid for one year. (Passed the Senate 41-9) to House

HF 496            Driver’s Education for people with Disabilities. Current law requires those teaching drivers education to have two students in the car. This may not be possible for those teaching students with disabilities, this changes current law to allow for one student to be in the car if the student requires a modified vehicle with special adaptive equipment to allow for only one student. There is required to be a camera running at all times of instruction in view of the front drivers and passengers seat. (Passed Senate Transportation Committee)

SF 220             Traffic Camera’s. Creates stricter standards and requirements for the installation of traffic enforcement camera’s for local authorities, also allows for a petition and public hearing. The legislation also standardizes citation costs. (Passed House Transportation Committee 13-8) to House Calendar.

SF 449             Cattle Guards. Set’s up the parameters for a landowner to install a cattle guard on a street or a highway if the road ends in a dead end. (Passed House Transportation Committee 17-2) to House Calendar.

SF 462             Transfer of Money. This legislation is an efficiency measure. Instead of the OCIO sending money to the DOT and then to the Treasurer, this bill states that OCIO will send the money directly to the Treasurer. (Passed the House 96-0) to Governor.

Veterans Affairs

SF 373          Military Justice Jurisdiction and Statutes of Limitation.  This bill was brought forth by the Department of Public Defense, and it makes state code mirror federal code with military justice jurisdiction.  State jurisdiction now covers a National Guard member when traveling to and from their duty location (if something happens between them and another National Guard member), states that all protections now apply with equal force to members from another state who work in Iowa, and expands the statute of limitation (from three to five years) to match federal military code. (passed House 96-0) to Governor

Ways & Means

HF 550         IDALS Code Cleanup.  Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship code cleanup legislation.  (passed House 98-0) to Senate Ways & Means Committee

HF 559         Consumer Credit Transactions.  Makes various changes to update fees and charges that are overseen by the consumer credit code. (passed Committee 21-2) to House Calendar

HF 608         Department of Revenue Technical Bill.  Makes technical and administrative changes to the tax laws.  (passed House 98-0) to Senate Ways & Means Committee

HF 609         Hotel/Motel Tax Land Use Districts.  Allows a land use district to impose the local hotel and motel tax.  (passed House 82-15) to Senate Ways & Means Committee

HF 625         Dependent Health Insurance on Income Tax Return.  Removes the requirement to indicate on income tax returns if any dependents have health insurance.  (passed Committee 13-10) to House Calendar

HF 626         Independent Review Filing Fee.  Eliminates a $25 filing fee for independent review of a benefit trigger determination under a long-term care insurance policy.  This is an Iowa Insurance Division bill, and they have not charged the fee for five years.  (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar

HF 627         Car Title for Surviving Co-owner.  The Department of Transportation (DOT) is currently required to waive a fee for a car title being sought by a surviving spouse.  The bill would expand this fee waiver for someone who is a co-owner of a title with the deceased.  The DOT is unable to determine how many co-owners are nonspousal.  (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar

HF 628         Snowmobile User Permits and Registration. This bill combines the snowmobile trail pass fee and the snowmobile registration fee into one decal with a payment of $30.00. It also changes the percentage the snowmobile clubs receive from these fees from 50% to 80%. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar

HF 629         Deferred Payment – Consumer Credit Loan.  Allows a customer to defer a payment and take on another month under a consumer credit loan.  (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar



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