Thurs. Mar. 12 – Wed. Mar. 18, 2015




HF 578         Observation of Investigation. An owner of a property cannot be prohibited from observing an investigation and taking pictures on their own property (passed 95-0) to Senate Agriculture Committee.



HF 371         Disclosure of Radon Test for Sale of Nonpublic Buildings. Allows for the results of the radon test to go directly to the interested buyer, if the interested buyer has paid for the test and made an offer to purchase the nonpublic building. (passed House 96-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 395         Regulation of Pharmacy Benefits Managers. Gives the Insurance Commissioner explicit authority to investigate, examine and audit pharmacy benefit managers as well as authority to suspend or revoke a manager’s certificate. (passed House 95-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 514         Motor Vehicle Insurance Verification Program. Requires the Department of Transportation to contract with a third party to verify that owners of registered vehicles have insurance. (passed Ways & Means Committee 14-10) to House Calendar

SF 134         Bonds Paid by Wine Direct Shippers. Eliminates the requirement that wine direct shippers pay two $5,000 bonds in certain situations and requires that they only pay one. (passed House 96-0) to Governor



HF 347         Child Care Program Licensure. Moves licensure for a child care center through a school district to only be under the Department of Human Services (DHS). Currently under some circumstances they could be either agency. The bill takes effect January 1, 2016, but DHS may begin implementing prior to that date. The bill was amended on the floor to allow child care center on school grounds, alternative space in the policy and procedures. (passed House 96-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 421         Community College Instructor Qualifications. In order for a Career Technical Training Education (CTE) instructor to teach at a community college, they must have a baccalaureate or graduate degree in an area of study or occupational area, special training of at least 6,000 hours of recent and relevant work experience. The bill allows someone with relevant work experience, including but not limited to a licensed high school teacher with a CTE endorsement, to count towards those 6,000 hours. (passed House 96-0) to Senate Education Committee

HF 445         Psychiatric Hospitals Cost of Educational Services. Clarifies that the funding follows the student from their local school district to a private institution providing psychiatric care. Currently, the funding would come from the school district where the institution is located. There is an exemption to this for special education, a child placed by the department of human services or court day program, or if the district of residence determines that the child may inflict self-harm. The bill allows the sending district to use supplementary weighting or dropout prevention funds to help cover the cost of the student. (passed Senate 48-0) to Governor

HF 515         District Management Levy use in Mediation and Arbitration. Gives school districts added flexibility to pay the cost for mediation and arbitration through the district management levy instead of their general fund account. This would include legal fees and would take affect FY 2017. (passed House 96-0) to Senate Education


Environmental Protection

HF 266         Yard Waste in Landfills. Allows yard waste to be disposed in a sanitary landfill if the landfill operates a methane collection system that produces energy. (passed Senate 48-0) to Governor


Human Resources

HF 449         Psychiatric Bed Tracking System. Department of Human Services is required to develop and initially implement an inpatient psychiatric bed tracking system for children and adults who are subject to a mental health commitment through a court order. (passed House 96-0) to Senate Human Resources Committee

HF 510         Mental Health Transportation. Allows a county or a Mental Health and Disability Service region to contract with a private company to transfer a person who is voluntarily or involuntarily committed to the nearest available facility licensed to care for persons with substance abuse or mental illness, or a public or private hospital. Trained personnel and appropriate vehicles are used for the safe transportation of patients. A request for proposal process must be utilized to find a transportation entity. (passed House 95-1) to Senate Human Resources Committee

HF 573         Abortion Pre-requisites. Requires a physician to certify that the woman is given the opportunity to view and hear certain images and sounds prior to receiving an abortion. (passed House 57-39) to Senate Human Resources Committee

SF 440         Interstate Contract to Transfer Mental Health Patients. Allows for interstate contracts for transferring voluntary and involuntary civil commitment patients to facilities outside of and into Iowa for substance abuse or mental health treatment. (passed House 96-0) sent to Governor



HF 397         Occasional Child Labor. Defines “occasional” in regards to child labor as no more than 6 weeks, 8 hours a day, forty hours a week. (passed House 55-41) to Senate Labor and Business Relations Committee.

HF 549         Arbitration changes. Makes changes to the arbitration process for employees of a school district or area education agencies, changing what the arbitrator can consider and how the arbitrator makes decisions. (passed House 56-41) to Senate Labor and Business Relations Committee.


Natural Resources

SF 218         Operation of Snowmobiles within Right-of-Ways of Interstates and Freeways. Allows snowmobiles to cross bridges and underpasses on interstates or freeways. This only includes a bridge or underpass that intersects with the interstate or freeway. Currently, snowmobiles are only allowed to use an underpass if it is abandoned or if it is the only travel alternative (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar.


Public Safety

HF 567         Synthetic Drugs. Extends the amount of time, from 60 days to 2 years, that the Legislature has to enact into law the designation of controlled substances by the Board of Pharmacy. Adds new compounds to the list of controlled substances. Moves imitation controlled substances to the controlled substance chapter which increases the penalties. (passed House 83-13) to Senate Judiciary Committee


Veterans Affairs

HF 414         Veterans Services Disclosure Requirement. Requires that private veterans service providers to disclose that veterans benefits are free through federally chartered veteran service organizations and by county commission of veteran affairs offices. The Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs will develop a standardized form. A violation is subject to a civil penalty of up to $1,000 for each violation. Any fines will be deposited into the Veterans Trust Fund. (passed House 96-0 ) to Senate Veterans Affairs Committee


Ways & Means

HSB 64        Self-Pay Washers and Dryers Sales Tax Exemption. Exempts the sales tax for the use of self-pay washers and dryers. (passed Committee 20-4) to House Calendar

HSB 215      Alternative Flat Tax. Creates an alternate flat tax of 5% for individual income tax filers. (passed Committee 13-11) to House Calendar

HF 514         Motor Vehicle Insurance Verification Program. Requires the Department of Transportation to contract with a third party to verify that owners of registered vehicles have insurance. (passed Ways & Means Committee 14-10) to House Calendar