HSB 547 IFA –Title Guarantee Mortgage Release Certificates. The IFA Title Guaranty Pro-gram is liable if a mortgage release certificate is erroneously filed. The bill clarifies that IFA is only liable if this occurs due to an act of negligence by IFA. (Passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar.
HSB 548 Real Estate Broker Trust Accounts. Interest from real estate broker trust accounts now goes to the DED Housing Assistance Program. This is changed so these revenues will go to the IFA Housing Trust Fund. (Passed Committee 22-0) to House Calendar.
HSB 550 Bans Sale of Motor Vehicles Under Rent-To-Own Law. Prohibits the sale of motor vehicles, manufactured homes, and mobile homes under the Rent-to-Own statute, as this allows sellers to avoid fee limits, finance charge limits, and other consumer pro-tections. In addition, the bill updates a Code reference to the federal Truth in Lending Act to “as amended through 1-1-08”. (Passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.
HSB 553 IFA – Title Guarantee Closing Protection Letters. The IFA Title Guaranty Pro-gram issues a closing protection letter to guaranty recipients to indemnify for loss due to acts of the participating attorney or abstracter. The bill expands this to include acts of the loan closer. (Passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

Economic Growth
HF 2217 Iowa Heritage Fund Administration Changes the administration of the fund from the State Historical Society of Iowa’s Board of Trustees, which is an advisory board, to the department of cultural affairs. It also eliminates an insurance program for special exhibits since nonprofits gain appropriate insurance coverage from private organiza-tions (Passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar.

HF 2066 Statewide Penny (SILO). Removes county imposed local option sales tax and re-places it with a permanent statewide one cent sales tax for a total six cent sales tax. (passed Committee 14-9) in Ways and Means Committee
HF 2137 Board of Educational Examiners Membership. Clarifies the board membership based on the teacher quality language that changed the definition of practitioner. Also cleans up language to make consistent within the Code. (passed House 100-0) to Sen-ate Education Committee
HF 2140 Allowable Growth – 4%. Sets allowable growth at 4% for the 2009-2010 school year. Allowable growth was set last year at 4% for the 2008-2009 school year. (passed Senate 49-1; Signed by Governor, applicable beginning 7/1/09)
HF 2239 Department of Education Clean-up. Miscellaneous Code corrections and clean up language under department of education statutes. (passed Committee 23-0) on House Calendar

Environmental Protection
SF 261 Sewage Disposal System Inspections. Requires, prior to time of transfer of property, that a sewage disposal system be inspected. At the time of inspection, the septic tank must be open and the contents removed, unless the seller can provide evidence that the tank had been emptied in the three years. This bill was proposed last session by DNR. (passed House 95-3) to Senate

Human Resources
HF 2151 Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Compact. Repeals the sunset date of the ad-vanced practice registered nurse compact. That compact allows advanced practice registered nurses to hold a license in the state of residency and practice in other com-pact states. (passed House 100-0) to Senate
HF 2166 Tech-Check-Tech Programs. Establishes a tech-check-tech program for continued oversight of dispensing medications. (passed House 99-0) to Senate
HF 2167 Controlled Substance Schedules. Updates the controlled substance schedules and the requirements for reporting to the Board of Pharmacy. These new classifications will fall in line with federal standards. (passed House 97-0) to Senate
HSB 568 Substance Abuse and Child Abuse. Requires that DHS and Public Health jointly conduct a study to address the relationship between substance misuse, abuse, or de-pendency by a child’s parent, guardian, or custodian and child abuse. (passed Commit-tee 21-0) to House Calendar
HSB 624 Child Support. Increases the ability of DHS to contact non-custodial parents and their ability to garnish wages, and eliminates the usage of Social Security numbers on notices from DHS. The bill also updates language to conform to federal regulations. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2041 Reconsideration of a Misdemeanor Sentence. The bill changes the time period for reconsideration of a misdemeanor sentence from 30 days to 90 days. Felony reconsid-eration was extended several years ago and this bill brings the reconsideration of mis-demeanor sentences into congruence with that change. (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar

Public Safety
HF 852 Pharmacies to Track Pseudoephedrine Sales. This is the policy bill which creates a statewide central repository for pharmacies to track pseudoephedrine sales electroni-cally, and creates an advisory committee to help the Board of Pharmacy implement such a system. The bill makes the repository contingent upon funding; there is no funding in this bill. The bill also includes language to make our pseudoephedrine law conform to the federal law. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar
HSB 607 Possession of Incendiary or Explosive Devices. Creates an aggravated misdemeanor penalty for possession of an incendiary or explosive device or material (bomb materi-als). Current law is a Class C felony for possession, but you have to have the intent to commit a public offense. The bill also conforms Iowa’s explosives definition to the federal classifications, and adds overpressure devices to the definition of explosives. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

State Government
HF 2219 Campaign Contributions and Signs. This is the Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board’s substantive bill. It affects three main areas of the law: 1) lowers the report-ing threshold for independent expenditures from $750 to $100; 2) includes limited li-ability corporations and sub chapter S corporations under the ban on corporate giving; 3) moves the campaign signs restrictions from Chapter 53 to Chapter 68A to eliminate confusion on who is to give advice and enforce the sign placement provisions in the law. (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar

HF 2013 Leaves of Absence for Elective Office. Requires that the employer, upon written ap-plication, grant a leave of absence on a full-time or part-time basis to a person elected to a municipal, county, state, or federal office. (passed Committee 20-1) to House Calendar

HF 2148 Deadline to Register to Vote in a Primary Election. Changes the current deadline for persons to register to vote in a primary election from ten days before the day of the election to eleven days before the day of the election. This will assist county auditors. (passed Committee 21 – 0) to House Calendar

Veterans Affairs
HF 2125 Vietnam Conflict Bonus Modification. Changes the Vietnam Conflict bonus pro-gram to allow veterans who served in an Iowa unit, but were denied the bonus in the past because they failed to meet all the residency requirements, to receive the bonus. (Passed Committee 15-0) to House Calendar
HSB 572
Military Courts-Martial. Updates Iowa’s Military Justice Code penalties for courts-martial. (Passed Committee 15-0) to House Calendar

Ways and Means
HF 2233 Web Search Portal “Microsoft” Bill. Similar to last year’s “Google” bill, except this year’s bill requires that web searching be one of the businesses of the incentive recipient rather than its “primary” business. Incentives are a sales and property tax exemption for computer and related equipment in exchange for at least a $200 million investment. (Passed Committee 25-0) on House Calendar.
SF 572 Soy-Based Transformer Fluid Credit. The bill extends the sunset date of the soy-based transformer fluid income tax credit from December 31, 2008, to December 31, 2009, since utilities have had difficulty getting equipment delivered in time. Enacted in 2006 to help utilities switch to biodegradable soy-based transformer fluid, the re-fundable credit is $2 per gallon for a maximum of 60,000 gallons ($120,000). (Passed House 97-0; Senate Concurred in House Amendment and Passed 45-0) to Governor.