HF 180
 — Credit Union Complaint Procedure. Requires the Superintendent to establish a procedure for accepting, investigating, and resolving complaints against credit unions. (Passed Committee 20-0) on House Calendar.

— House Code of Ethics. This resolution establishes a House Code of Ethics for the 2009-2010 Legislative Session as required in Iowa Code 68B. (Passed Committee 6-0) to House Calendar.

Human Resources
HF 197
— DHS Child Support Bill. Updates code to comply with federal regulations. Requires that a self employed person use an existing account or open a new account for the payment of child support. (passed Committee 20-1 as HSB 49) to House Calendar

HSB 28 — Civil Rights Commission Subpoena Power. Grants the Civil Rights Commission the authority to issue subpoenas in investigating alleged unfair or discriminatory practices. (passed Committee 11-9) to House Calendar.

Local Government
SF 45 — County General Obligation Bonds. Changes wording of local referendums to approve county general obligation bonds to reflect the total amount of bonds to be issued rather than the estimated cost of the project. This is the process already used for cities and schools. Still requires 60% vote to pass referendum. Also allows Buchanan County to proceed with building a new jail. (passed Committee 13-7) to House Calendar.

Rebuild Iowa/Disaster Recovery
HF 64 — Disaster Assistance. This bill provides $56 million in funding, from the economic emergency fund, for additional disaster relief. The Jumpstart Housing Program receives $24 million, the Unmet Needs Disaster Grant Program receives $10 million, and a Community Disaster Grant program receives $22 million. The bill also officially establishes the Rebuild Iowa Office. (Signed by Governor, 2/2/09, effective immediately and applies retroactively.)
SF 44 — Expedited Local Option Sales Tax Process. This bill allows cities and unincorporated areas of counties to hold local option sales and service tax elections in an expedited manner – in either March or May of 2009. The measure still needs a majority of voters to approve the increase in sales taxes. (Signed by Governor, 2/2/09, effective immediately)

State Government
HSB 52 — Electrician Licensure Program. This bill makes technical changes, as requested by the Electrician Licensure Board, to the licensing program allowing the board to more efficiently implement the program. Some changes include giving the board the authority to create an inactive master license, providing authority for the board to create the residential electrician and residential master electrician license, establishing limitation on fees that may be charged for a residential license, and allowing the board to prorate license fees by month for mid-cycle applicants. (passed Committee 14-5) to House Calendar.

Veterans Affairs
HF 29 — Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Children. Allows Iowa to join the compact. Compact will remove barriers imposed on children of military families because of frequent moves and deployment of their parents. (passed Committee 16-0) to House Calendar.