Bills Approved by the House

SF 2054 Retroactive Mental Health Funding. Allows for counties to apply for mental health services allowed growth and property tax relief funding if they did not submit their application on time. Clayton County is the only county that will be effected by this bill. (passed House 98-0) to Governor

Bills Approved by Committee

SF 2023 by Appropriations: Mental Health Risk Pool, redirects the revenues from the utility replacement tax to the mental health risk pool. This pool was established for the purpose of creating available funds to counties in need, due to financial constraints, to avoid health or safety risks to the public.  (passed Committee 14-11) to House Calendar

HSB 503 by Education: College Aid Commission Membership. Adds two more members to the commission (passed Committee 22-0) to House Calendar

HSB 528 by Education: Board of Educational Examiners Membership. Clarifies the board membership based on the teacher quality language that changed the definition of practitioner. Also cleans up language to make consistent with Code. (passed Committee 21-2) to House Calendar

HSB 563 by Education:  Sets allowable growth at 4% for the 2009-2010 school year. Allowable growth has been set last year at 4% for the 2008-2009 school year. (passed Committee 19-4) to House Calendar

SF 261 by Environmental Protection: Sewage Disposal System Inspections. Requires, prior to time of transfer of property, that a sewage disposal system must be inspected.  (passed Committee 18-2) to House Calendar

HF 2058 by Human Resources: Establishes Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Program.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Appropriations Committee

HSB 515 by Human Resources: Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Compact. Repeals the sunset date of the ad-vanced practice registered nurse compact (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 516 by Human Resources: Authorized Access to Dependent Adult Abuse Information. Allows an authorized individual to access information only to determine whether or not the individual who authorized the access is named in a dependent adult abuse case. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 566 by Human Resources: Insurance Coverage of HPV Vaccination. Requires insurance companies to cover the Human Papilloma Virus vaccination. (passed Committee 14-7) to House Calendar

HF 663 by Public Safety: Fingerprinting Children at Fairs. The bill allows county sheriffs (governmental units) to take fingerprints of children at county fairs or the Iowa State Fair as long as they comply with current requirements, including the parent gave written authorization and the fingerprint cards are returned to the parents. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar