HF 2601 Missouri River Authority. Amends the current Missouri River Authority that repre-sents the interests of Iowa along the Missouri river. Changes the name to Missouri River Association of States and Tribes. (passed House 100-0) to Governor

HF 2606 Grain Warehouse Updates. Restricts new claims against the Grain Indemnity Fund to five years, and existing claims on the fund will have five years from the effective date. Bans out of state claims on the Iowa fund. Allows the department of agriculture to adopt rules to update language to reflect current practices of electronic documents. Also makes definition changes and language updates to the grain dealer law. (Signed by Governor) effective July 1, 2008

HF 2692 Animal Feeding Operations. Regulates livestock markets, open feedlot operations, and the stockpiling of manure. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

SF 2337 Iowa Fair Insurance. Allows the county fairs to purchase liability insurance from an insurance pool. (passed House 99-0) back to Senate Calendar


HF 2647 Judicial Branch Budget. Appropriates to the Iowa courts (Passed Senate 30-18 ) in Senate under Motion to Reconsider

HF 2660 Justice Systems Budget. Appropriates to the Attorney General, Board of Parole, Civil Rights Commission, Law Enforcement Academy, Indigent Defense, the Depart-ment of Corrections, Department of Defense, and the Department of Public Safety. (Passed Committee 15-8) on Senate Calendar

HF 2662 Agriculture and Natural Resources Budget. Appropriates $43.4 million in general fund dollars for the operations budget of the Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, the Department of Natural Resources, and the vet diagnostic lab at Iowa State University (ISU). This is a $235,000 cut from FY 2008. The bill also includes $40 million from the environment first fund. The Senate amended the bill and repaid the ending balances of the ATV and snowmobile fund. (passed Senate 37-11) to House Calendar with Senate amendment

HF 2679 Education Budget. FY 2009 budget for Department for the Blind, Department of Education, College Aid Commission, and Board of Regents and its institutions (passed House 52-47) to Senate Appropriations

HF 2694 Long-Term-Care Insurance Reform. Enacts recommendations made to the Gover-nor by the Insurance Commissioner after hearings last summer. It provides $60,000 for a senior health insurance information program. (Passed Appropriations 24-0) on House Calendar

SF 2417 HITT. The Healthy Iowans Tobacco Trust (HITT) fund, allocates $35 million for various health, substance abuse, community empowerment and correctional pro-grams. This is the last year for the HITT bill. (passed House 53-47) returns to Senate


HF 2212 Smoke Free Air Act. The bill prohibits smoking in the workplace and most public places including casinos. (signed by Governor)

HF 2555 Insurance Division Bill – Consumer Advocate. Makes various noncontroversial changes to insurance laws. It also establishes a consumer advocate within and under the control of the Insurance Division. (Passed House 98-1) sent to Governor

HF 2556 Division of Banking Bill. Makes various noncontroversial changes to financial insti-tution laws. (Passed Senate 49-0) sent to Governor

HF 2694 Long-Term-Care Insurance Reform. Enacts recommendations made to the Gover-nor by the Insurance Commissioner after hearings last summer. It provides $60,000 for a senior health insurance information program. (Passed Appropriations 24-0) on House Calendar

SF 2308 Identity Theft – Notice of Security Breach. Requires notice to Iowa consumers of a security breach of personal information by the person who owns, maintains or other-wise has the information. (House refused to concur in Senate amendment) in Confer-ence Committee

SF 2392 Stranger Originated Life Insurance (STOLI). Regulates a life insurance product in which the insured has no little or no money in the policy, to head off potential abuses. (Passed Senate 49-0) sent to Governor

Economic Growth

HF 2385 IFA Obligations. Allows the Iowa Finance Authority to sell obligations directly to the Treasurer’s Office if they have one of the two highest credit ratings. This will sig-nificantly increase the speed of execution in transactions, while also reducing our transaction costs. Signed by Governor, effective July 1, 2008.

HF 2450 Economic Development Omnibus Bill. Allows the Director of the Department of Economic Development to appoint a designee to the Vision Iowa Board, and allows a portion of the Renewable Fuels Program funds to be used for marketing. Makes tech-nical corrections to the Film Promotion program and allows the department to contract with service providers for commercialization development services. (House concurred with Senate amendment, Passed 99-0) To Governor.

HF 2558 Economic Development Board Confidential Information. Addresses certain confi-dential information in applications for financial assistance that may aid a business’ competitor. Applications will be held confidential through the review process. The Department of Economic Development is required to adopt rules to address issues of confidentiality so that an appropriate balance between private information and the public’s right to know is maintained. (House conformed with Senate Amendment, 98-0) to Governor.

SF 2161 Council on Homelessness Codified. Establishes the Council of Homelessness, in ex-istence since 2003 under former Governor Vilsack’s Executive Order 33. Adminis-tered by the Iowa Finance Authority, the council would advise the Governor and the General Assembly on issues of homelessness. (Senate Concurred with House Amendment 47-0) To Governor.

SF 2176 Cultural Affairs CHAT Program and Civil War Committee. Creates the Culture, History, And Arts Teams (CHAT) program, which will encourage cooperation and collaboration among the various state and local organizations to improve Iowa’s qual-ity of life. The bill also creates a Civil War Sesquicentennial Advisory Committee to advise and assist the division in its efforts to commemorate the civil war. Signed by Governor, effective July 1, 2008.


HF 2164 Voluntary Desegregation Plans. Aligns state language to a U.S. Supreme Court rul-ing. A district can no longer use race in their plans for diversity or open enrollment. (Signed by Governor) effective July 1, 2008

HF 2197 Higher Ed Textbooks. Requires institutions of higher education to post course re-quired textbooks, including the ISBN to an online site. (refuse to concur with Senate amendment) back to Senate Calendar

HF 2526 Disposition of School Property. Allows a school district to dispose of district prop-erty by a decision from the board. (passed House 95-0) to Governor

SF 2216 Model Core Curriculum. Mandates the Iowa Model Core Curriculum that is cur-rently voluntary. This includes literacy, mathematics, and science. (passed House 97-3) Motion to Reconsider

SF 2307 Price Laboratory Research and Development. Puts into law the transition of the Price Laboratory School at the University of Northern Iowa to be a research and de-velopment school for prekindergarten through grade twelve. Requires two committees to be formed to address this transition and funding. (Signed by Governor) effective July 1, 2008

Environmental Protection

HF 2668 Disposal and Recycling of Used Oil Filters. Bans landfills from accepting used oil filters and requires them to be recycled. (passed Senate 50-0) to Governor

HF 2669 Collection and Recycling of Mercury-Added Thermostats. Bans the sale of mer-cury-added thermostats after July 1, 2009. In addition, any manufacturer that sells or distributes mercury-added thermostats in Iowa must develop and implement a collec-tion plan for mercury-added thermostats. The collected thermostats must be recycled properly. (passed House 96-0) to Senate

SF 2276 Solid Waste Disposal and Sanitary Landfills. Amends definitions of financial as-surance instrument by identifying the ways to ensure financial capability for reason-able and necessary remedial responses. The definitions for rubble and beneficial use are added to code relating to solid waste disposal and sanitary landfills. (passed House 96-0) to Governor

SF 2321 Mercury-Containing Lamps. Requires DNR to conduct a study for the implementa-tion and financing of a convenient and effective mercury-containing lamp recycling program. (passed House 96-0) to Governor

Government Oversight

HF 2674 GEMS Program Extension. Provides a 2-year extension for the annual $35,000 ap-propriation to the office of grants enterprise management in the Department of Man-agement from a previous ending date of June 30, 2008, to June 30, 2010. (Passed Ap-propriations 25-0) to House Calendar

SF 2403 Joint Lottery Limitation. Eliminates the ability for the lottery authority to enter into an agreement with a lottery outside the United States to form a joint lottery. (Passed Oversight Committee 9-0) to House Calendar

Human Resources

HF 2310 Substance Abuse and Child Abuse. Requires that DHS and Public Health jointly conduct a study to address the relationship between substance misuse, abuse, or de-pendency by a child’s parent, guardian, or custodian and child abuse. (passed House 100-0) to Governor

HF 2328 Relocation of FaDSS Council and Program. Completes the transfer of the Family Development and Self-Sufficiency Council and Program from the Department of Hu-man Services to the Department of Human Rights. (Signed by Governor)

HF 2372 EBT and Food Assistance. Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) fees only apply to Food Assistance (food stamps). With expansion of EBT program to include Family Investment Program (FIP) and Promise Jobs, the EBT fee will not be assessed. (Signed by Governor)

HF 2603 Court Reports on Substance Abusers and Individual with Mental Illness. Author-izes a chief primary health clinician to file certain periodic court reports on chronic substance abusers and persons with mental illness who do not require full time place-ment in a treatment facility. (Signed by Governor)

SF 2177 Public Health Omnibus Bill. Updates outdated code language in housing laws and divisions within IDPH; codifies the DHS definition of brain injury, clarifies contract-ing for tattoos, swimming pools, and tanning facilities inspection and enforcement; updates mammography programs; allows for expanded donation of unexpired pre-scription drugs; requires background checks for individuals requesting radioactive ma-terials; and provide medications for certain sexually transmitted diseases to partners of infected individuals. (Signed by Governor)

SF 2269 Family Investment Program (FIP). Removes minimum six month ineligibility pe-riod, and replaces with a maximum of six months of ineligibility for limited benefit plans. (passed House 96-0) to Governor

SF 2338 Health Professional. Updates the Iowa code relating to Chapters 147, 148, 150, and 150A to reflect current terminology and current practices for the health related profes-sionals. (Signed by Governor)

SF 2341 Alzheimer’s Disease. Requires the Department of Elder Affairs to analyze Iowa’s population and determine if appropriate services are meeting the needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. (passed House 100-0) to Governor


HF 2633 Limited Liability Companies Conversion. The bill updates Iowa law to conform to the National Uniform Limited Liability Company Act. (passed Senate 50-0) to House

SF 505 Automated External Defibrillators. The bill extends good Samaritan protections to individuals that use automated external defibrillators when someone is suffering from an emergency cardiac arrest. (signed by Governor; effective 7-1-08)

SF 2214 Military Custody Leave. The bill requires that a modification of a child custody or-der when one parent is on active duty can only be for a temporary modification and that once a parent returns from active duty a court must reinstate the custody order in place before the parent was on active duty. The bill also says that the history of a par-ent’s active duty status cannot be considered absence in the determination of the best interest of the child. (signed by Governor, effective 7-1-08)

SF 2217 Defense of Indigent Persons. The bill makes several changes to the representation of indigent persons and to the appointment of a guardian ad litem in cases involving the state public defender. (signed by Governor, effective 7-1-08)

SF 2316 Prudent Management of Institutional Funds. The bill creates a new “Uniform Pru-dent Management of Institutional Funds Act,” replacing the same named act. The bill is intended to provide additional guidance for nonprofits and their investors. (signed by Governor, effective 7-1-08)

SF 2350 Administration of Small Estates. The bill makes changes to several provisions of the trusts and estates code referring to small estates. (passed Senate 48-0) to Governor

SF 2364 Emancipation of a Minor. The bill clarifies procedures for emancipation of a minor. (passed House 100-0) to Governor


HF 2542 Workers’ Compensation-Out of State. The bill would allow workers’ compensation claims to be made in this state for injuries suffered by an employee while working out-side the state under certain conditions. Signed by Governor, effective July 1, 2008.

HF 2675 Unemployment Modernization Leadership Bill. The bill would conform to some of the yet to be passed federal provisions, to comply with the Reed Act, that modern-ize Iowa’s unemployment system. With the House Labor Committee amendment, the bill would extend training benefits for an unemployed person. An employer would not have their account charged for unemployment benefits for a temporary worker re-placed by a returning military service member. The bill also covers a victim of do-mestic violence who voluntarily quits his or her job. (Passed Labor Committee 16-0) to House Calendar as a Leadership bill.

HF 2686 Identity Theft for Employment 1099 Misclassification. The bill would require an employer to sign a form within 10 days that a job applicant’s appearance matches a valid photo ID. A photo copy of the license must be kept on file. If the employer fal-sifies the information in the form, they could be subject to perjury charges. The bill contains whistle blower protection, and notification requirement of Immigration Cus-toms Enforcement. An amendment was added to help prevent an illegal alien obtain-ing a false ID. The bill also strengthens enforcement for misclassifying an employee that should be considered an actual employee by construction contractors. (Passed House 83-16) to Senate.

SF 2157 Amusement Ride Safety Inspections. Eliminates a provision that allows a private industry to sponsor their own amusement ride inspector. Since establishing the amusement ride inspection program in 1973, this process has not to been known to be used. Inspectors would be in-house and under the proper supervision of the Labor Commissioner. The bill also increases fees for amusement ride inspections for the first time since 1992. Signed by Governor, various effective dates.

SF 2303 Workers’ Compensation Advisory Board Bill. Repeals the sunset on the second in-jury fund, making it permanent. It pays compensation for a second injury involving a loss of hand, arm, foot leg or eye. The bill allows the Commissioner to have jurisdic-tion over a settlement beyond the time of a settlement. This would be in cases where compensation is still needed. The worker would not have to go to court to rule on who has jurisdiction. (Passed House 100-0) To Governor.

Natural Resources

HF 2580 Sustainable Natural Resource Funding Advisory Committee. Re-creates the cur-rent sustainable natural resource funding advisory committee (first created in 2006) through July 1, 2010. The committee is to study how to provide one or more sustain-able sources of funding for natural resources and outdoor recreation needs in Iowa. (Governor signed, effective 7/1/08)

HF 2581 Donating Food to DNR and County Conservation Boards. Provides limited liabil-ity protection for people who donate food to the Department of Natural Resources or county conservation boards for use in a free interpretive educational program. This protection is currently allowed for people who donate food to food pantries for the needy. (Governor signed, effective 7/1/08)

HF 2612 DNR Policy Bill on Conservation and Recreation. This is a department requested bill that amends several DNR laws that are non-controversial in nature. The Senate amended the bill and added the requirement of lifejackets for kids under 13, allows more passengers on ATVs when used on a farm, allow more entities to be part of a REAP County Committee, and strikes the non-resident youth language on hunting pre-serves. (passed Senate 50-0) to House Calendar with Senate amendment

SF 2108 Gift to Iowa’s Future Recognition Day. Authorizes the Governor to annually desig-nate the first Monday in April as Gift to Iowa’s Future Recognition Day to recognize, celebrate, and honor those public-spirited individuals and corporations who have do-nated land or a conservation easement. (Governor signed, effective 7/1/08)

SF 2380 Water Trails and Low Head Dam Statewide Plan. Requires DNR to conduct a wa-ter trails and low head dam public hazard study of Iowa waterways for recreational purposes and to develop a statewide plan by January 1, 2010. This study is contingent upon funding. (Governor signed, effective 7/1/08)

SJR 2002 Constitutionally Protect Natural Resources. The bill is a resolution to add an amendment to Iowa’s constitution to create a natural resources and outdoor recreation trust fund for the purpose of protecting and enhancing water quality and natural areas in Iowa. This would include parks, trails, fish and wildlife habitat, and conserving ag-ricultural soils. Moneys in this fund can only be used for these purposes. No revenue will be credited to the fund until the tax rate in effect on the effective date of the joint resolution is increased, which is after the general public votes on it. The intent is to credit 3/8th of 1¢ to the fund when the sales tax is increased, which would generate ap-proximately $150 million. (passed House 88-10) needs approval of next general as-sembly before going on the ballot for public vote

Public Safety

HF 2564 Individual Assistance Disaster Aid Grants Program. Amends this disaster aid pro-gram created last year for state-declared disasters. Increases the federal poverty level to be eligible for the assistance from 130% of the federal poverty level to 200%. In-creases the maximum grant amount from $3,319 to $5,000 for repairs. The program helps needy Iowans without property insurance pay for repairs after a state-declared disaster. (Governor signed, effective 7/1/08)

HF 2628 Tasers Defined as Dangerous Weapons. Defines Tasers, or other brands of elec-tronic stun devices, as dangerous weapons. The House amended the Senate amend-ment and exempted a bow and arrow from the definition of a dangerous weapon when possessed and used for hunting or any other lawful purpose. (passed House 100-0) to Senate with House amendment to Senate amendment

SF 2036 Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning (CJJP). Adds a member of the Office of Drug Control Policy to the CJJP advisory council; allows CJJP access to department of workforce development records; and permanently creates a sex offender research council (formerly the sex offender treatment and supervision task force), and expands what issues it is to study. (Governor signed, effective 7/1/08)

SF 2335 Peace Officers Stay at Scene of a Crime. Peace officers must remain with the victim at the scene of the alleged sexual assault as long as there is still danger to them. Vic-tims also have right to request the presence of a victim counselor at medical exams. (Governor signed, effective 7/1/08)

State Government

SF 2089 Absentee ballot request forms. Allows a person to request an absentee ballot on a sheet of paper no smaller than 3 x 5 if it includes all the information as required by law. Also provides that when an application for an absentee ballot is solicited by or returned by a person acting as an implied agent for a political party, the prescribed form is to be used. (Signed by Governor; effective 7/1/08)

SF 2411 Freedom of Information, Open Records and Open Meetings. This bill was amended by the House State Government with a strike after amendment. The amendment strikes all the language in the bill with the exception of the creation of the new board and agency. The five-member Iowa Public Information Board will be ap-pointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. Board appointments are to be made by September 2008. The board must provide a report to the General Assembly on its goals, performance measures, and job description for the executive director be-fore July 1, 2009. The board may begin hiring staff July 1, 2009. (passed Committee 20 – 1) to House Calendar

HF 2573 Bingo at community festivals and county fairs. A community festival is defined as an event of no more than 4 days in length and held by a an Iowa nonprofit, tax-exempt community organization which is open to the general public. Bingo can be held throughout county fairs with a special license for fairs and community festivals. Li-cense fee is $25.00 (passed House Ways and Means Committee 24 – 0) to House Calendar


HF 2562 TIME-21. The bill raises fees and appropriates the revenue to the TIME-21 fund. The bill changes the registration fee schedule for cars and multipurpose vehicles, raises registration fees for 3, 4, and 5 ton trucks, raises registration fees for 6, 7, and 8 ton trucks, raises the special truck registration fee, raises trailer registration fees, and raises title fees. (passed Ways & Means Committee 18-7) to House Calendar

HF 2651 DOT Policy Bill. The bill makes numerous policy changes to the regulation of motor vehicles. (passed House 97-0) to Governor

SF 2420 TIME-21. The bill raises fees and appropriates the revenue to the TIME-21 fund. The bill changes the registration fee schedule for cars and multipurpose vehicles, raises registration fees for 3, 4, and 5 ton trucks, raises registration fees for 6, 7, and 8 ton trucks, raises the special truck registration fee, raises trailer registration fees, and raises title fees. (passed Senate 35-14; Passed House 53-47) to Governor

Transportation, Infrastructure, and Capitals

SF 2394 Transportation Appropriations. Appropriations to Department of Transportation. (passed House 53-45) Motion to Reconsider

Ways and Means

HF 2444 Pilot Project Border Cities. Allows targeted jobs credits in the five border pilot pro-ject cities on projects anywhere in the cities, not just urban renewal areas – and allows an extra enterprise zone in two cities. (Passed Committee 24-0) to House Calendar

HF 2573 Bingo at County Fairs. Restores the ability of county fairs to conduct bingo on more than one night, which was inadvertently repealed a few years ago. (Passed Committee 23-1) to House Calendar

SF 2405 Wind Energy. Allows wind energy credit recipients a refund of sales taxes paid on their equipment, encourages state banks to finance these projects with an equity inter-est, and other similar provisions. (Passed Committee 25-0) on House Calendar

SF 2415 Emergency Response District Pilot Projects. Establishes a pilot project for a county to establish an emergency response district for firefighting and emergency medical services. (Passed Committee 24-0) on House Calendar

SF 2418 Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Information. Requires DHS to provide infor-mation regarding the EITC to each household receiving public assistance. (Passed Committee 21-0) on House Calendar

SF 2419 Speculative Shell Buildings. Makes changes in an existing property tax exemption for speculative shell buildings. (Passed Committee 24-0) on House Calendar