HF 2551 Aerial Applicator Licenses. Allows the department of agriculture to set rules for out of state applicators. Also eliminates the option for an out of state applicator to operate without a commercial license and to operate under Iowa supervision. (Signed by Gov-ernor, effective July 1, 2008)

HF 2553 Per Diem Compensation for Iowa Soybean Board. Codifies per diem of the board to be $100 instead of set in rule. (Signed by Governor, effective July 1, 2008)

HF 2554 Drainage District Thresholds. Raises the ceiling amount that a drainage district board can utilize for minor repairs or improvements by $5000 from $15,000 to $20,000 that is accessed out of the secondary road fund. (Signed by Governor, effec-tive July 1, 2008)

HF 2632 Renewable Fuels Infrastructure. Updates definitions of renewable fuels, including biodiesel and ethanol. Refers to cost share agreements for retailers and reporting prac-tices to the department of revenue. (passed Ways and Means 25-0) to House Calendar

SF 2133 Iowa Crop Improvement Association. Updates provisions to the association for re-porting purposes and incorporation purposes. (passed House 96-0) to Governor

SF 2348 Cooperatives Code of Conduct. Aligns code of conduct for cooperatives in Iowa to other laws that defines code of conduct for an organization. (passed House 95-0) to Senate to concur


HF 2679 Education Budget FY 2009. Makes appropriations for the Department of Blind, College Student Aid Commission, the Department of Education, and the Board of Re-gents. (passed Committee 14-11) to House Calendar

HF 2487 Teacher Quality Adjustments. Makes allocations of the Student Achievement and Teacher Quality Program, which raises the minimum salaries for teachers and sets aside professional training dollars for model core curriculum. (passed Committee 14-11) to House Calendar

SF 2134 Executive Directors for County Veteran Affairs Offices. Establishes training re-quirements for executive directors of county veteran affairs commissions, mandates the number of office hours counties must serve veterans, and establishes an appropria-tion to defray the cost to counties. Counties will have one year to prepare for the new requirements as the bill takes effect on July 1, 2009. (passed Committee 25-0) to House Calendar

HF 2660 Justice Systems Budget FY 2009. Makes appropriations to the Attorney General, Board of Parole, Civil Rights Commission, Law Enforcement Academy, Indigent De-fense, and the Department of Corrections, Public Defense and Public Safety. (passed House 53-46) to Senate Appropriations Committee

HF 2647 Judicial Branch Budget FY 2009. Makes appropriations to the Iowa courts. (passed House 53-46) to Senate Appropriations Committee

HF 2662 Agriculture and Natural Resources Budget. Appropriates $43.4 million in general fund dollars for the operations budget of the Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, the Department of Natural Resources, and the vet diagnostic lab at Iowa State University (ISU). This is a $235,000 cut from FY 2008. The bill also includes $40 million for the environment first fund. (passed House 53-47) to Senate Appro-priations Committee


HF 2212 Smoke Free Air Act. The bill prohibits smoking in the workplace and most public places including casinos. (Passed Senate 28-22) sent to Governor

HF 2653 Mortgage Foreclosure. Regulates foreclosure consultants and foreclosed property conveyances. (Passed Senate 48-0) sent to Governor

SF 2246 Real Estate Disclosures. Strikes the requirement that mandated disclosures include whether property is within a real estate improvement district. (Passed House 99-0) sent to Governor

SF 2250 Real Estate Licensure. Expands reasons for denying a license for five years to in-clude offenses similar to those already listed and for moral turpitude. (Passed House 99-0) sent to Governor

SF 2308 Identity Theft – Notice of Security Breach. Requires notice to Iowa consumers of a security breach of personal information by the person who owns, maintains or other-wise has the information. (Passed Senate 48-0) returned to House with a Senate amendment to the House amendment.

SF 2349 Pre-Need Funeral Merchandise Sales. Regulates preneed sales of funeral and ceme-tery merchandise and funeral services. (Passed Senate 49-0) sent to Governor

SF 2392 Stranger Originated Life Insurance (STOLI). Regulates a life insurance product in which the insured has no little or no money in the policy, to head off potential abuses. (Passed Committee 99-0) returned to Senate with a House amendment

Economic Growth

SF 2161 Council on Homelessness Codified. Establishes the Council of Homelessness, cur-rently existing since 2003 under former Governor Vilsack’s Executive Order 33. Ad-ministered by the Iowa Finance Authority, the council would advise the Governor and the General Assembly on issues of homelessness. (Senate concurred with House amendment, passed 47-0) to Governor.

SF 2325 Infrastructure Assistance Under the Values Fund. Allows up to $5 million from the Values Fund to be used for the Physical Infrastructure Assistance Program (PIAP). The projects would not have to meet the wage threshold requirements initially, but the tenant must meet the 130% wage threshold requirement within three years. This is the standard time to meet such obligations. (Passed House 99-0, Passed Senate 49-0) to Governor.

HF 2195 Prison Population Exempt from Enterprise Zone Criteria. Exempts prison popu-lation from the population loss criteria, so Page County would qualify for the Enter-prise Zone program. It would not bump off another county from the list of eligible counties. Page County would not be eligible for an ethanol plant project through the program. Signed by the Governor, effective July 1, 2008.

HF 2558 Economic Development Board Confidential Information. Addresses certain confi-dential information in applications for financial assistance that may aid a business’ competitor. Applications will be held confidential through the review process. The Department of Economic Development is required to adopt rules to address issues of confidentiality so that an appropriate balance between private information and the public’s right to know is maintained. (Passed Senate 42-7) to House Calendar with Senate amendment.

HF 2684 Insurance New Jobs Tax Credit Recreated. If an insurance company enters into a 260E agreement, and increases its base employment level by at least 10% within the time set in the agreement, they would receive a tax credit. Only new jobs directly re-sulting from the project covered by the agreement will be counted. Prior to the Grow Iowa Values Fund being created, Iowa used to have such a program. Now other states are offering a similar program, but Iowa is not. (Passed Ways and Means 25-0) to House Calendar.


HF 2487 Teacher Quality Adjustments. Makes adjustments to the teacher quality bill passed last year to clarify how money must be distributed and other technical changes. (passed Appropriations 14-11) to House Calendar

HF 2364 Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL). Allows school districts to utilize PPEL dollars to repay loans for conservation measures. Conservation is currently a permissible use of PPEL. (Signed by Governor, effective July 1, 2008)

HF 2566 Drop Out Prevention. The returning drop out/drop out prevention budget enrollment projections are raised from 5% to 7% of a school districts enrollment. (passed Ways and Means 13-11) to House Calendar

HF 2623 Compulsory Education. Raises the age that a student can drop out of school from current law of 16 to 17 years of age. Requires students to conduct an exit interview and parent or guardian to fill out exit form. Also forms a working committee at the district level to identify current and future ways to address drop out problems. (passed Ways and Means 17-8) to House Calendar

HF 2663 Statewide Sales Tax for School Infrastructure. Removes county imposed local op-tion sales tax and replaces it with a permanent statewide one cent sales tax for a total six cent sales tax. (passed House 59-41) to Senate Ways and Means

Environmental Protection

HF 2400 Surface Water Protection Act. Establishes a Water Resource Coordinating Coun-cil, within the Governor’s office, to coordinate all of the state’s water quality ef-forts. Requires assessments and prioritization of regional watersheds in Iowa, fol-lowed by smaller community-based subwatershed improvement plans including wa-ter monitoring. The bill also requires assessment and prioritization of wastewater and stormwater infrastructure. The bill is based on the recommendations from the Water-shed Quality Planning Task Force. (Signed by Governor)

SF 261 Sewage Disposal System Inspections. Requires, prior to time of transfer of property, that a sewage disposal system be inspected. At the time of inspection, the septic tank must be open and the contents removed, unless the seller can provide evidence that the tank had been emptied in the three years. This bill was proposed last session by DNR. (Signed by Governor)

HF 2570 Environmental Management Systems. Encourages the responsible environmental management of solid waste disposal projects and to enhance efforts to promote envi-ronmental stewardship. To qualify for the new Environmental Management Systems designation, the solid waste planning area must address the following issues: yard waste, hazardous household waste collection, water quality improvement, greenhouse gas reduction, recycling services, and environmental education. Also, establishes a Comprehensive Recycling Planning Task Force. (passed Senate 49-0) to Governor

SF 2367 Compliance Advisory Panel (CAP). Clarifies the creation of the CAP and the mem-bers of the Panel and their duties. In addition, the bill establishes a Small Business Stationary Source Technical and Environmental Compliance Assistance Program. (passed House 98-0) to Governor

Government Oversight

HF 2674 GEMS Program Extension. Provides a 2-year extension for the annual $35,000 ap-propriation to the office of grants enterprise management from the Department of Management from a previous ending date of June 30, 2008 to June 30, 2010 (Passed Committee 9-0) to House Appropriations Committee

HSB 788 Student Debt. Addresses educational student loan protections and accountability. Provides guidance for borrowers, financial aid offices, and private educational student loan lenders. (Passed Committee 5-4) to House Calendar

Human Resources

HF 2539 Health Care Bill. The bill includes divisions regarding Health Care Coverage Intent; HAWK-I Expansion; Iowa Choice Health Care Coverage Program; Health Insurance Oversight; Iowa Health Information Technology System; Long-Term Living Planning and Patient Autonomy; Health Care Coverage; Medical Home; Prevention and Chronic Care Management; Family Opportunity Act; Quality Improvement; Health Care Quality, Cost Containment, and Consumer Information; Healthy Communities and the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Nutrition and Transparency; Health and Long-Term Care Access and Long-Term Care Workforce. The bill does include appropriations. (passed Senate 42-6) returns to House

SF 2251 Student Eye Care. Parents and guardians will receive a student vision card when a child is registered for kindergarten or preschool. Students are encouraged to receive an eye exam prior to receiving special education services. Bill is enacted July 1, 2009. (passed House 97-0) returns to Senate
HF 2609 Open Records of Inspections. Requires the DIA to make findings of fact public after the informal review process is completed. This applies to elder group homes, assisted living facilities, and adult day services programs. (signed by Governor)

HF 2423 MH/MR/DD Risk Pool. Amends the application date for counties to apply to the Risk Pool, reporting date for the Risk Pool Board, and the dates for warrants issued to counties for funding from the Risk Pool. (signed by Governor)

HF 2626 Judicial Nominating Commission. The bill makes changes to the terms of members of the judicial nominating commission. The bill provides that the terms for each ap-pointed and elected member ends on December 21, 2012, and that the term for new members begins on January 1, 2013, based on the four congressional districts that will be established by the 2010 census. The bill establishes terms for appointed and elected members at two years, four years, and six years to stager members of the commission. The bill requires gender balance on the commission. The bill states that if the number of congressional districts following the 2010 census is not equal to 4, this bill is void and the bill is repealed. (signed by Governor; effective 7-1-08)

HF 2582 Administration of Small Estates. The bill makes changes to several provisions of the trusts and estates code referring to small estates. (passed House 99-0) to Senate

HF 2642 Treasurer’s Deed. The bill states that a treasurer’s deed issued after expiration of the period of redemption is void if it is established that notice of expiration of right of re-demption was not served on the owner of record or the person in whose name the par-cel is taxed if other than the owner of record. (signed by Governor; effective 7-1-08)

SF 2212 Termination of Parental Rights in Other Jurisdictions. The bill allows Iowa courts to consider terminations of parental rights in courts of competent jurisdictions in an-other state for termination of parent rights to another child in Iowa courts. (passed House 97-0) to Senate

SF 2214 Military Custody Leave. The bill requires that a modification of a child custody or-der when one parent is on active duty can only be for a temporary modification and that once a parent returns from active duty a court must reinstate the custody order in place before the parent was on active duty. The bill also says that the history of a par-ent’s active duty status cannot be considered absence in the determination of the best interest of the child. (passed Senate 49-0) to Governor

SF 2217 Defense of Indigent Persons. The bill makes several changes to the representation of indigent persons and to the appointment of a guardian ad litem in cases involving the state public defender. (passed House 96-0) to Senate

SF 2281 Employee Witnesses. The bill prohibits an employer from discriminating against an employee serving as a witness in certain domestic abuse or family law cases. (passed Senate 50-0) to Governor


HF 2610 Identity Theft for Employment 1099 Misclassification. The bill would require an employer to sign a form within 10 days that a job applicant’s appearance matches a valid photo ID. A photo copy of the license must be kept on file. If the employer fal-sifies the information in the form, they could be subject to perjury charges. The bill also strengthens enforcement for misclassifying an employee that should be consid-ered an actual employee by construction contractors. Amendments were added in committee that would required two reports, use of the E-verify system, whistle blower protection, and notifying Immigration Customs Enforcement. (Passed Committee 23-2) to House Calendar.

Local Government

HF 2518 Discharge of wastewater from water well drilling sites. Directs the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) to adopt rules for water well drilling. Allows the EPC to impose a fee, not to exceed $50, to recover costs in issuing a general permit. (passed Ways and Means Committee 25 – 0) to House Calendar

Natural Resources

SF 2198 Brushy Creek Advisory Board. Members of the Brushy Creek Advisory Board will be appointed by the Natural Resources Commission instead of the Legislature and Governor. (Governor Signed, effective 7/1/08)

SF 2230 Nonresident Hunting License to Terminally Ill Person. DNR is to issue a special turkey hunting and deer hunting license to nonresidents 21 and younger who have a severe physical disability or are diagnosed with a terminal illness. (Governor Signed, effective 7/1/08)

SF 2328 Deer Depredation Program. Expands the farmer advisory committee, creates a deer depredation management program for landowners, and establishes a deer study advi-sory committee to study the best way to maintain a sustainable, socially acceptable deer population in Iowa while maximizing and balancing the economic value of deer hunting to Iowa’s economy with the needs of the agricultural industry and public safety concerns. (Governor Signed, effective 4/8/08)

Public Safety

HF 2119 Fingerprinting Children at Fairs. The bill allows county sheriffs (governmental units) to take fingerprints of children at county fairs or the Iowa State Fair as long as they comply with current requirements, including the parent gave written authorization and the fingerprint cards are returned to the parents. (Governor Signed, effective 7/1/08)

SF 2036 Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning (CJJP). Adds a member of the Office of Drug Control Policy to the CJJP advisory council; allows CJJP access to department of workforce development records; and permanently creates a sex offender research council (formerly the sex offender treatment and supervision task force), and expands what issues it is to study. (passed House 100-0) to Governor

SF 2335 Peace Officers Stay at Scene of a Crime. Peace officers must remain with the victim at the scene of the alleged sexual assault as long as there is still danger to them. Vic-tims also have right to request the presence of a victim counselor at medical exams. (passed House 93-0) to Governor

State Government

HF 2620 Special elections, school board members terms, voting centers, and other election law provisions. Limits special elections, changes the terms of school board members from three to four years, allows the county commissioner to establish voting centers, and makes other changes to Iowa’s election laws. (passed Senate 44 – 5) to Governor

SF 2361 Procuring biobased products for state government. Requires certain state agencies to give a preference to purchasing designated biobased products when purchasing for state government. The bill also requires the establishment of a preference program for procuring the maximum content of biobased materials. (passed Senate 48 – 0) to Governor


HF 2196 Electronic Payments. The bill requires the DOT to consider offering electronic pay-ment options to customers. (signed by Governor; effective 7-1-08)

HF 2407 Registration Fee for Vehicles Equipped for Persons with Disabilities. The bill ex-pands the $60 fee that applies to motor vehicles equipped for persons with disabilities or used by persons with wheelchairs to any motor vehicle or station wagon so equipped. (signed by Governor; effective 7-1-08)

HF 2452 Collector Cars. The bill allows collector cars to be titled as what the vehicle appears to be, not when the vehicle was completed. (signed by Governor; effective 7-1-08)

HF 2651 DOT Policy Bill. The bill makes numerous policy changes to the regulation of motor vehicles. (passed Senate 47-0) to House

Veteran Affairs

SF 2354 Veterans Homeowner Assistance Program. Transfers the statutory authorization for the veterans homeownership program from the Department of Veteran Affairs to the Iowa Finance Authority. The Iowa Finance Authority has been administering the pro-gram in cooperation with the Department of Veterans Affairs for the last several years. (Senate passed 49-0) to Governor

SF 2124 Veterans Trust Fund Authorized Expenditures and Check-offs. The bill expands the list of authorized expenditures to include durable medical equipment to allow vet-erans to remain in their home; expenses related to hearing care, dental care, vision care, or prescription drugs; expenses related to ambulance and emergency room ser-vices for veterans who are trauma patients; emergency repair to vehicle; housing re-pair; or temporary housing assistance; expenses to establish whether a minor child is a dependent of a deceased veteran, and matching funds for veteran service organiza-tions. The bill was expanded to include income tax check-offs for child abuse preven-tion and a joint Veterans Trust Fund / Fire Fighters. (passed House 96-0 and Senate 48-0) to Governor

Ways and Means

HSB 781 Property Assessment Appeal Board. Technical changes to the Statewide Property Assessment Appeals Board law. (Passed Committee 25-0) to House Calendar

HF 903 Insurance New Jobs Tax Credit. Reinstates insurance industry eligibility for new jobs tax credit, which was inadvertently repealed by passage of the Iowa Values Fund legislation in 2006. (Passed Committee 25-0) to House Calendar

HF 2351 Brownfield/Grayfield Redevelopment. Provides enhances investment credits for the redevelopment of brownfield or grayfield areas. (Passed Committee 25-0) to House Calendar

SF 2405 Renewable Energy Credits. Makes technical changes to various tax laws (Passed Senate 50-0) in House Ways and Means.