Administration and Rules

SF 334 — Government Oversight Standing Committee. Eliminates the Legislative Oversight Committee as a permanent standing committee of the Legislative Council and revises the references as the General Assembly’s standing committee on Government Oversight. (Passed Committee 12-0) to House Calendar

SF430 –Clean-up on Legislative Appointments. SF 430 is a clean-up bill to standardized, as much as possible, the process for legislative appointments to various boards and commis-sions. (Passed Committee 13-1) to House Calendar.


HF313 –Innovation and Commercialization Development Fund. HF 313 establishes the Inno-vation and Commercialization Development Fund, and codifies that $3 million will be appropriated from the Grow Iowa Values Fund to this fund. The Department of Eco-nomic Development (DED) is given more flexibility on how to use these dollars. Under the bill, Jumpstart funds and Targeted Small Business funds will not revert after FY 09, and DED’s strategic plan language receives technical changes. (Passed Committee 14-11) to House Calendar

HSB285 –Administration and Regulation FY 10 Budget. Covers 13 departments, agencies and offices. Cuts spending by almost 11.5% from estimated FY 09 budget. Includes auditor, treasurer, secretary of state, governor, and departments of administration, commerce, eth-ics and campaign finance, human rights, inspection and appeal, management, and reve-nue, drug policy office, and rebuild Iowa office (Passed Committee 14-11) to House Calendar

LSB 1005 –Justice Systems FY 10 Budget Bill. Appropriates a total of $515 million to the Depart-ments of Corrections, Public Safety, and Public Defense, Public Defender, Iowa Law En-forcement Academy, Civil Rights Commission, the Attorney General’s Office, Board of Parole and Homeland Security. This represents an $18.5 million reduction from the net FY 09 appropriation. (passed Subcommittee: Senate 3-2, House 5-4) to Senate Appro-priations Committee

LSB 1006– Judicial Branch FY 10 Budget Bill. Appropriates a total of $150 million to the Judicial Branch, which represents a $2.9 million reduction from their net FY 09 appropriation. (passed Subcommittee: Senate 3-2, House 5-4) to Senate Appropriations Committee

SF467–Agriculture and Natural Resources FY 10 Budget. Appropriates $39.4 million in gen-eral fund dollars for the operations budget of the Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, the Department of Natural Resources, and the vet diagnostic lab at Iowa State University (ISU). This is a $12.1 million cut from FY 2009. The bill also includes $42 million for the environment first fund. (passed Subcommittee: Senate 3-2; House 5-4; passed Senate 32-18) to House Appropriations Committee

SSB1319–Economic Development FY 10 Budget. The bill cuts the departments of Cultural Af-fairs Economic Development and the Regent’s Economic Development funding by 6.5 to 7.5 %. It provides a general fund dollar line item to the Council of Governments, but they would receive a cut in overall funding. The Commission of Volunteer Service is also a new item that was funded out of other funds last year. The bill reduces funding to Workforce development, but the department should keep Workforce Centers open with only a slight reduction in funding. The statewide skills assessment funding is eliminated. The bill does not fund the Governor’s new program on 1099 Misclassificaiton (passed Subcommittee: Senate 3-2, House 5-4; Senate Appropriations 16-0) to Senate Calendar

SSB1322–Education FY 10 Budget. Appropriates $909.8 million from the general fund and 12,457 FTE positions to the Department for the Blind, the College Student Aid Commis-sion, the Department of Education, and the Board of Regents. This is a decrease of $361 million and 4.2 FTE positions compared to the estimated net FY 2009 general fund ap-propriations. (passed Subcommittee: Senate 3-2, House 5-4) to Senate Appropriations Committee


SF279–Electric Transmission Lines. Allows the Iowa Utility Board to use an abbreviated process for approval of certain utility electric transmission line upgrades. (Passed Commerce 22-0) House Calendar

SF 355–Mortgage Brokers. Banking Division conforming Iowa’s Mortgage Broker Law with the federal Secure and Fair Enforcement [SAFE] for Mortgage Licensing Act. (Passed Commerce 22-0) House Calendar

SF 372–Broadband Study. Requests the Legislative Council to establish a Broadband Policy Development interim study committee. (Passed Commerce 22-0) House Calendar

SF 374 –Vehicle Operating Records. Changes restrictions on the use of certified motor vehicle operating records by insurance companies and agents who buy such records. (Passed Commerce 22-0) House Calendar

SF 379 –Dramshop Insurance. Requires use of loss history for Dramshop insurance for existing licensees who open new operations at a location previous licensed to someone else. (Passed Commerce 22-0) House Calendar

Economic Growth

HF313 –Innovation and Commercialization Development Fund. HF 313 establishes the Inno-vation and Commercialization Development Fund, and codifies that $3 million will be appropriated from the Grow Iowa Values Fund to this fund. The Department of Eco-nomic Development (DED) is given more flexibility on how to use these dollars. Under the bill, Jumpstart funds and Targeted Small Business funds will not revert after FY 09, and DED’s strategic plan language receives technical changes. (Passed Committee 14-11) to House Calendar

SF 207 –Iowa Finance Authority immunity for board members. Members of the Iowa Finance Authority, or members of the board, will not be subject to personal liability while acting on the actions of the board. The bill also eliminates some of the required subcommittees under the Council on Homelessness. (passed House 97-0) to Governor.


SF 360 –Accreditation of School Districts. Provides a clear process of steps required to be taken by the Department of Education when removing accreditation. (passed House 91 – 6) to Governor

Environmental Protection

SF 339 –Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure. Makes multiple changes regarding wastewater treatment funding and infrastructure requirements. (passed House 97-0) to Governor

Human Resources

HF 122–Precursor List and Database Extension. Adds two substances to the list of precursors, which is a substance that may be used in the illegal production of a controlled substance. Also, extends the prescription drug database program containing a record of the dispens-ing of prescriptions for identified controlled substances. (passed Senate 49-0) to Governor

HF 380 –Public Health Code Changes. Makes corrective changes to the Iowa law regarding vital records, the Iowa Board of Podiatry, Board of Pharmacy, State Medical Examiner Advi-sory Council, Board of Optometry, Board of Physical and Occupational Therapy, the Board of Nursing Home Administrators, and teeth whitening. (passed Senate 33-17) to Governor

HF 317— HCBS Assisted Living Waiver. Requires the Department of Human Services to apply to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for a home and community based services assisted living waiver. Quarterly updates must be provided to the Legisla-ture on its progress. (passed Senate 50-0) to Governor

HF 315— Iowa Collaborative for Youth Development Council and Iowa Youth Advisory Council. Codifies the existing Iowa Collaborative for Youth Development Council and Iowa Youth Advisory Council. (passed Senate 39-11) to Governor

SF 291 –Certified Retirement Communities. Establishes a certified retirement communities program within the Department of Elder Affairs (DEA) for the recognition and promotion of communities in Iowa that have made themselves attractive destinations for retirees. A fund is created consisting of fees paid by applicants of the program. DEA does not have to implement the program if they do not have the funds to do so. (passed House 56-40) to Senate


HF 266 –Recording Magistrate Proceedings. Requires that all trials before a magistrate that are not reported by a certified court reporter must be electronically recorded. (passed Senate 49-1) to House

SF 449— Substantive Code Editors Bill. Makes substantive statutory changes to the code to re-flect current practices, fix omissions, remove redundancies or inaccuracies, delete tempo-rary language, resolve inconsistencies, update provisions and resolve inconsistencies. (Passed House 96-1) to Governor

SF 150 –Special Charter City Statute of Limitations. Changes the requirement of notice to a special charter city be filed with the city clerk within 30 days after the injury or damage. (passed House 97-0) to Governor

SF 119 –Domestic Abuse Protective Orders for Pets. Allows a petitioner for relief from domes-tic abuse to specify animals whose welfare the petitioner believes may be affected by the domestic abuse. (passed Committee 16-3) to House Calendar

SF 283 –Appointment of Judges. Allows the chief justice to delay the appointment of a judicial officer for up to 180 days for budgetary reasons, changes the nomination and residency requirements for associate judges, requires magistrates to be an attorney, and makes changes to the reappointment of senior judges. (passed Committee 18-1) to House Calendar

SF 285 –Magistrate Jurisdiction. Makes changes to magistrate jurisdiction, specifying certain traffic offenses are simple misdemeanors that may be heard by a magistrate, and changes other offenses regarding simple misdemeanors to clarify magistrates can hear those cases. (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar

SF 358 –Foreign Country Money Judgments. Updates Iowa law to the “Uniform Foreign Country Money Judgments Recognition Act” regarding enforcement of foreign country judgments in state courts. (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar

SF 431 –OWI Reorganization. Reorganizes and restructures the operating while intoxicated (OWI) offenses. All of the revisions are intended to be nonsubstantive. (passed Commit-tee 19-0) to House Calendar

SF 438 –Dependant Adult Abuse. Changes definitions and penalties regarding actions injurious to dependent adults and residents of health care facilities. (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar


HF 420 –Civil Service Commission. HF 420 makes changes to the local civil service commission for fire fighters and police officers. The bill allows police or firefighters two years to find residency in Iowa if they are hired to work at an Iowa police or fire station. It allows cities to set up reasonable time and distance standards between where these employees work and live. It would stop an apparent conflict of interest of someone on the civil ser-vice commission by preventing them from selling or having a contract that furnishes or supplies material or labor to their city. (Passed House 90-0) to Senate Calendar

Local Government

SF 441 –Mutual Aid Compact. Includes county emergency management commissions in the mutual aid compact and makes it statewide with the option to opt-out. (Passed House 97-0, as amended) Senate Calendar

Natural Resources

SF 187 –Special Deer Hunting License for Residents who are Nonambulatory. Allows a nonambulatory hunter to get one any sex deer hunting license that can be used during any deer hunting season and they can use either a shotgun or muzzleloader. A nonambulatory person is someone who is either paralyzed on the lower half of their body, usually due to disease or a spinal cord injury; has loss or partial loss of both legs; or has any other physical affliction which makes it impossible for them to walk about or move success-fully. (passed House 98-0) Senate Calendar with House Amendment

Public Safety

HF 762 –Training Requirements for Reserve Peace Officers. Changes law to state that if a per-son completed the previous 150 hours training requirement and was appointed to serve as a reserve peace officer prior to July 1, 2007, they are exempt from the new training re-quirements and will remain certified by their appointed authority, but not certified by the state. (passed the House 99-0) to Senate Judiciary Committee

SF 380— Department of Public Safety Policy Bill. Establishes a fine of $500 for persons under the age of 21 who enters or attempts to enter the gaming floor or waging area at a gaming facility. Updates definitions to Iowa’s “pen register” law, which enables law enforce-ment to identify numbers called in or out of communication devices, and ensures that ac-tions taken by Iowa’s law enforcement will be in line with federal law. Clarifies that if state troopers are working under the direction of federal officers, Iowa’s Tort Claim Act will still be applicable. (passed House 97-1) to Senate Calendar

Rebuild Iowa

HF 759 –National Flood Insurance Program. Requires cities and counties to meet the require-ments of the federal flood insurance program so property owners are eligible for federal flood insurance. (Passed House 99-0) Senate Calendar

State Government

HF 777 –Open Records and Open Meetings. Makes changes to Iowa’s open records and open meetings laws. (passed Committee 19 – 0) to House Calendar

SF 224 –Licensure of Plumbers. Makes changes to requirements for licensure of plumbers. (passed Committee 15 – 4) to House Calendar

SF 225 –Purchase of Service Credit. Allows the purchase of service credit under the 411 system for prior service under the retirement system. (passed Committee 19 – 0) to House Cal-endar

SF 226 –Presumption that Cancer is Work-Related. Establishes a presumption under the 411 system that cancer is work-related for disability purposes and death benefits. (passed Committee 11 – 9) to House Calendar

SF 420 –Employment by Native Wine Business and Native Brewery. Allows a person em-ployed by a class “A” native wine permittee to also be employed by a native brewery. (passed Committee 19 – 0) to House Calendar

SF 5436— Notification of Satellite Voting Stations. Requires the county commissioner of elec-tions to notify the chairs of each central committee at least seven days before voters can vote at a satellite voting station. (amended and passed House 97 – 0) to Senate

SF 447— Bottle of Wine in a To-Go Container. Allows a person who orders a bottle of wine in a restaurant and doesn’t consume the entire bottle to have the bottle resealed and placed in a bag to take home. (passed Committee 19 – 0) to House Calendar


HF 481 –Allows Special Trucks to be Overweight When Hauling Dried Distillers Grains. Al-lows farmers with special truck licenses (semi’s) to haul dried distillers grains from etha-nol plants back to their farms at the current overweight allowance. Current law only al-lows the transport of the farmer’s own commodity. (passed House 92-2) to Senate Trans-portation Committee.

Veterans Affairs

SF 112 –Flags Flown at Half-Staff. Requires that flags be flown at half-staff at the State Capitol in recognition of the death of a member of the Armed Forces while serving on active duty. (passed House 96-0) to Governor

SF 186 –Preferential Hiring Treatment by Government for Veterans. Removes the requirement that a person must be a resident of Iowa to receive a veterans preference in appointment or employment of a governmental position. (passed House 96-0) to Senate

SF 254 –Report by Department of Veterans Affairs on County VA Commissions. Requires the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs to file an annual report on counties regarding training requirements, operating schedules, hours of services provided, number of veterans, and the amount of compensation to veterans. (passed House 95-0) to Senate

Ways & Means

HF 807 –Middle-Class Tax Cut. Eliminates federal deductibility, cuts income tax rates for all Iowans, increases the Earned Income Credit, the Child and Dependent Credit, the Early Childhood Development Credit, the 65 and over exemption and the blind exemption (Passed Ways and Means 14-11) House Calendar

SF 253— Military Tax Filing Deadline. Grants military personnel serving out of country, but not in a combat or hazardous duty zone, the same extra time to file an Iowa tax return as those serving in such areas. (Passed House 98-0) Sent to Governor