HSB773 Justice Systems Budget. Makes appropriation to the Attorney General, Board of Parole, Civil Rights Commission, Law Enforcement Academy, Indigent Defense, and the Departments of Corrections, Defense and Public Safety. (Passed House Appropriations 14-11) to House Calendar


HF 2212 Smoke Free Air Act. The bill prohibits smoking in the workplace and most public places including casinos. (House Insisted) In Conference Committee

HF 2268 Bans Sale of Motor Vehicles Under Rent-To-Own Law. Prohibits the sale of motor vehicles under the Rent-to-Own statute, and updates a Code reference to the federal Truth in Lending Act. (Passed Senate 49-0) Sent to Governor

Economic Growth

HF 2215 Bond Activity Procedures and Cap under IFA. Extends the time allowed to prepare an industrial activity bond through the Iowa Finance Authority, while reducing the time for an extension. The bill also caps a single bond project at $10 million so more projects would be allowed in one year. (Passed Senate 49-0 ) to Governor


HF 2364 Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL). Allows school districts to utilize PPEL dollars to repay loans for conservation measures. Conservation is currently a permissible use of PPEL. (passed House 97-0) to Senate Education Committee

Environmental Protection

HF 2400 Surface Water Protection Act. Establishes a Water Resource Coordinating Council, within the Governor’s office, to coordinate all of the state’s water quality efforts. Requires assessments and prioritization of regional watersheds in Iowa, followed by smaller community-based subwatershed improvement plans including water monitoring. The bill also requires assessment and prioritization of wastewater and stormwater infrastructure. The bill is based on the recommendations from the Watershed Quality Planning Task Force. (passed Senate 49-0) to Governor

Human Resources

HF 2539 Health Care Bill. House health care proposal was amended to include a insurance mandate for children, the Iowa Choice Program, and includes appropriations. In addition the bill includes divisions regarding Health Care Coverage Intent, Iowa Health Information Technology System, End of Life Care Decision Makings, Health Care Coverage, Medical Home, Prevention and Chronic Care Management, Family Opportunity Act, Quality Improvement, Healthy Communities, and the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Nutrition and Transparency. This proposal is based on the recommendations of the Legislative Commission on Affordable Health Care Plans for Small Businesses and Families and the proposal by the Governor. (passed Senate Ap-propriations 18-6) to Senate Calendar

SF 2269 Family Investment Program (FIP). Removes minimum six month ineligibility period, and replaces with a maximum of six months of ineligibility for limited benefit plans. (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar


SF 199 The bill extends the subpoena power of the Iowa civil rights commission to any matter that the Iowa civil rights commission can currently investigate. (passed Committee 12-8) to House Calendar

SF 505 The bill extends good Samaritan protections to individuals that use automated external defibrillators when someone is suffering from an emergency cardiac arrest. The bill requires the person using the defibrillator to act reasonably and in good faith. As amended, the bill requires a person or entity that owns, manages, or is otherwise re-sponsible for a premises where a defibrillator is located to maintain the device according to standards that are to be developed by the Department of Public Health. (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar

SF 2292 Expands the time period when a compliant has to be filed with the Iowa civil rights commission from 180 days to 300 days. (substituted for HF 2157) (passed House 75-23) to Governor

SF 2317 Makes statutory corrections to adjust language to current practices, insert earlier omissions, delete redundancies and inaccuracies, delete temporary language, resolve inconsistencies and conflicts, update ongoing provisions, or remove ambiguities. (substi-tuted for HF 2521) (passed House 93-0) to Governor

SF 2320 Makes nonsubstantive Code corrections. (substituted for HF 2522) (passed House 98-0) to Governor


HF 2542 Workers’ Compensation Out of State. The bill would allow workers’ compensation claims to be made in this state for injuries suffered by an employee while working outside the state under certain conditions. (Passed the House 54-43) to Senate Labor Committee.

HF 2568 Workers’ Compensation Shift Differential. If a worker is employed on a shift where they are paid at a higher rate of pay, the higher rate of pay would be included in their possible workers’ compensation benefits. Currently, a worker that is employed, for example on the grave-yard shift, and is paid at a higher wage rate, may be compensated at the regular shift rate of pay. (Passed House 98-0) to Senate Labor Committee.

HF 2589 Unemployment Insurance Tax Penalties. Increases fines related to unemployment insurance violations. The bill also creates fees for employer’s bounced checks, and failure to honor a subpoena. (Passed House 94-3) to House Calendar.

SF 2154 Regulation of Wheel Chair Lifts. Updates the elevator laws to be in compliance with recent changes made by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers regarding inclined vertical wheelchair lifts. The bill, as amended, would also allow for the regulation of temporary elevators at a construction site. (Passed House, as amended 94-0) To Senate floor.

SF 2221 Workers’ Comp. Burial Expense Amount. Increases the amount of a burial expense allowed under workers’ comp. from $7,500 (last raised in 2003) to $7,868, which would now be based on twelve times the average weekly wage. The expense will now be indexed and would no longer need to be raised by changing the statute. (Passed House 94-0) To Governor.

SF 2304 Boiler Clean Up Bill. Strikes a provision in the code that terminates the boiler and pressure vessel safety revolving fund and elevator safety revolving fund on July 1, 2012. (Passed 94-0) To Governor

Public Safety

HF 2266 Possession of Incendiary or Explosive Devices. Creates an aggravated misdemeanor penalty for possession of an incendiary or explosive device or material (bomb materials). Current law is a Class C felony for possession, but you have to have the intent to commit a public offense. The bill also conforms Iowa’s explosives definition to the federal classifications, and adds overpressure devices to the definition of explosives. (passed House 93-0) in Senate Judiciary Committee

State Government

HF 2390 Licensure of Plumbers. Licensure of plumbers technical cleanup. (passed House 97 – 0) to Senate

HF 2410 Alarm System Contractors. Policy bill relating to alarm system contractors. (passed House 98 – 0) to Senate

HF 2411 Licensure of Electricians – grandfathering provisions. Makes changes in the grandfathering provisions for licensure of electricians. (passed House 98 – 0) to Senate

HF 2547 Licensure of Electricians. Technical changes to electrician licensure as requested by the Electrician Licensing Board. (passed House 98 – 0) to Senate

SF 487 Novelty Lighters. Requires the Department of Public Safety to conduct a study and report to the General Assembly on a definition of a novelty lighter, restrictions on their sale, safety, etc. (passed Committee 20 – 0) to House Calendar


HF 2196 Requires the DOT to consider offering electronic payment options to customers. (passed Senate Committee) to Senate Calendar

HF 2452 Allows collector cars to be titled as what the vehicle appears to be, not when the vehicle was completed. (passed House 98-0) to Senate

SF 2156 The bill changes regulations on commercial drivers licenses. The changes were neces-sary to bring Iowa law into conformance with federal requirements. (substituted for HF 2406) (passed House 92-1) to Governor

Veterans Affairs

HF 2287 Military Courts-Martial. Updates Iowa’s Military Justice Code penalties for courts-martial. (Passed Senate 49-0) to Governor

SF 2289 War Orphan Educational Assistance Fund. Updates the educational benefits pro-vided to children of military veterans who died in combat. (Passed Committee 13-0) to House Calendar