While the Legislature pushed through new regulations for voting last year, many Iowans were concerned about the unintended consequences. Those warnings were proven true last week when many voters were give the wrong ballots and some poll workers did not understand the new law at a local election.


Later the same week, lawmakers passed a bill to update provisions of the new voting regulations.  Many lawmakers brought up concerns and attempted to fix the bill, but none of the suggestions were adopted so voters will still face significant hurdles heading to the polls later this year.


Voters who are voting in any upcoming local election, like the statewide June Primary, will need to show one of the following before being allowing to vote: a driver’s license, a non-operator ID, a passport, a military ID, or a veterans ID. If a registered voter does not have one of these photo ID’s, they may show a voter ID card if they were issued one by the Secretary of State or County Auditor.