Statement from House Democratic Leader Mark Smith on Branstad Veto of $56 million for k-12 Schools:

With Governor Branstad’s veto today, Republicans have made clear our k-12 public schools are no longer a priority for them.

After breaking the law for over a year while ignoring school leaders and parents, Republicans finally agreed to an additional $56 million in one-time funding for schools next year only to have the Republican Governor veto the entire compromise.

Unfortunately, Republicans have made Iowa public school kids the victims in their game of Washington, DC politics. We already know the result of the Republican school funding crisis: fewer educators, larger class sizes, and higher property taxes.

When session starts in 2016, the school funding crisis will have carried on for two years. Democrats fought hard to make sure our k-12 schools were the top priority last session and we will continue again next session. Half a million public school kids deserve it.