Des Moines, Iowa — After a video was released featuring a Washington, DC-based, dark money group boasting about secretly lobbying and writing part of the voter bill signed into law in March, two ethics complaints were filed today in the Iowa House of Representatives for breaking Iowa ethics and lobbying laws.

“The two ethics complaints filed today aren’t about politics. They’re about transparency and stopping corruption. When special interest groups from Washington, DC secretly write legislation and spend millions to influence Iowa lawmakers, they must be held accountable and follow our laws and rules,” said Iowa House Minority Leader Rep. Todd Prichard of Charles City.

The ethics complaints filed against Jessica Anderson of Heritage Action of America and Hans von Spakovsky of The Heritage Foundation will be considered by the Iowa House Ethics Committee. The complaints allege two violations of Iowa law: failing to register as a lobbyist and failure to declare on a bill.

Last week, the video from The Heritage Foundation’s Annual Leadership Conference in April made national headlines. In the video, Jessica Anderson claims three provisions of Senate File 413 were “directly written” by Heritage.

“Iowa was the first state that we got to work in and we did it quickly and we did it quietly honestly nobody noticed.  Why, because Iowa doesn’t have a big bullseye on its back in the way Georgia does.  So we worked quietly with the Iowa State Legislature, we got the best practices to them, we helped draft the bills, we made sure activists were calling the state legislators getting support, showing up at their public hearings, giving testimony and we were able to get three provisions in the larger election integrity bill that were directly written by the heritage recommendation.  Verifying the accuracy of the voter list, cross referencing the voter records with other states so that means if you are a transplant from Nebraska into Iowa you can’t vote twice, and removing inactive and ineligible voters including illegal immigrants.  So Iowa’s huge victory Governor Reynolds signed the bill on March 8th.  Little fanfare, honestly nobody even noticed.  My team looked at each other and we were like it can’t be that easy, like it can’t be that easy.”

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