KnutsonHeadshotNorthwood, Iowa – Prioritizing a return to civility and finding common ground, Tim Knutson, a Northwood native, healthcare leader and small business owner, announced his bid for State Representative in House District 51 which includes Worth, Mitchell, Howard and part of Winneshiek counties.

“I’m running for the Iowa House because this is the state I love and I believe we deserve a different kind of politics than the partisan fighting and arguing we are seeing in D.C. and Des Moines,” says Knutson. “Iowans care about many of the same things. We all want safe communities, economic security to raise a family and retire, access to affordable and accessible healthcare and good schools. Right now, our politicians aren’t working together to make those things happen. I’m running to change that.”

Knutson was born and raised in Northwood and graduated from Northwood-Kensett High School. Tim went on to receive a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration and dedicated his career to the healthcare field where he worked to recruit doctors to rural hospitals.

“The healthcare system in rural Iowa isn’t working for us anymore. Rural hospitals are closing, costs are increasing and the quality of care is going down,” said Knutson. “As a healthcare professional, I know that solutions exist to bring down costs and increase access, but it’s only going to happen when politicians listen to their constituents and start working together to do what’s best for people, not their political party.”

Knutson’s roots in the district are deep, his Norwegian emigrant great-great-grandfather, Gulbrand Mellem, was the first European settler of Worth County and his great-grandfather, T.C. Rone, served two terms as a State Representative from Worth County. Tim lives on his family’s Heritage Farm west of Northwood.

“The people I talk to everyday want to see our politicians focus on issues that matter to all of us, rather than the issues that divide us. That’s how things used to be here in Iowa. We had the best schools, good jobs, and safe communities. We’ve gotten away from that but I think we can return to that if we get back to focusing on the basics,” said Knutson.

Tim is the owner of Tim’s Tractors, a tractor restoration business as well as Knutson Consulting, a healthcare management consulting business and spends his free time singing in the local church choir. Tim and his wife, Jeanette, have 2 adult children.

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