A bill offered by State Representative Sally Stutsman of rural Johnson County was approved by the Iowa House today to help local county auditors store registration forms electronically and save taxpayer dollar.

“Currently county auditors are struggling to find storage for paper voter registration forms,” said Stutsman.  “This legislation gives flexibility to auditors in counties with larger voter registration to save money by making these files electronic.”

In Johnson County, storage of paper documents has been an ongoing issue. The recent fire at the Secondary Roads facility where the Auditor’s voter registration forms are stored brought this issue to the forefront as county officials dealt with damaged documents. Having files stored electronically would avoid any damage from a fire. Computer files are routinely backed up thus protecting them from loss.  According to Johnson County Supervisor John Etheredge, the new Secondary Roads building required additional support in order to handle the weight for paper document storage.

House File 2366 will streamline government by allowing county auditor’s offices to electrically file original unaltered documents to preserve voter registration forms and allow for less storage. This is currently the process in county recorders offices.  Persons still may view and copy an original or unaltered document.

The legislation that was attached as an amendment to House File 2366 now goes to the Senate for consideration.