Statement from Rep. Chris Hall, Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Committee, on REC Meeting

“Factors below the surface tell us more about Iowa’s economy than the REC’s status quo revenue projections. Iowa has regained just half of the jobs lost due to COVID, and some individuals have dropped out of the workforce for reasons like child care or long term disruption to their job. With an unprecedented amount of federal dollars keeping the state’s economy afloat and uncertainty when the pandemic will end, lawmakers should proceed with caution.

When the legislature returns, House Democrats will be ready to work together to keep Iowans safe and make sure our COVID recovery efforts reach every Iowan who is still struggling. Our focus will be to provide relief to the businesses and workers hit hardest by this pandemic, to demand transparency from the Governor’s office on the use of taxpayer dollars, and to invest in the places that will help Iowa’s economy grow.”