Friday, January 5, 2018

For More Information, Contact:
Rep. Dave Jacoby, 319-430-9793


Rep. Dave Jacoby, Ranking Member of the House Ways & Means Committee:

“Even with the new data provided today by the Department of Revenue, the state budget is still in deficit and it isn’t even enough to pay back the money Republicans put on the state’s credit card last year. GOP lawmakers have mismanaged the state budget and will have to take action in the next few weeks to fix their problem.

While more accurate tax data is needed before policies are changed, Democrats believe any tax changes or reforms considered by the Legislature this year must meet the following criteria:
1. Keep the state budget balanced
2. Be fair and simple for all Iowans; and
3. Provide relief for the middle class.

Democrats will not support a tax plan that simply mirrors the new federal law and rewards corporations and the wealthy at the expense of Iowa families.”

Jacoby, Dave (2017)