“Just as Iowa hit the grim milestone of 5,000 COVID deaths this week, Governor Reynolds is doubling down on her failed COVID response. It’s both reckless and tragic. This is failed leadership.

We all want to get life back to normal and the fastest way to do that is to follow the guidelines from the CDC until more Iowans can get vaccinated.

Ending the public health measures designed to keep Iowa safe and healthy will only prolong the COVID crisis’s effect on our economy and put more lives at risk.

Because Governor Reynolds has ignored the advice of public health experts for months, Iowans are paying the price for her failed leadership with the lowest testing in the country; one of the highest positivity rates in the nation; a botched vaccine rollout; and more than 5,000 Iowans dead.

While the Governor has ended the restrictions, the virus is still very active in our state. We can’t pretend the public health crisis is behind us. I encourage Iowans to do what they know is best for their health and safety and for those around them.”