“House Democrats believe it’s time for us to work together to make education the top priority of the Legislature again and make sure no Iowan falls through the cracks in the Governor’s rush to privatize Medicaid.

I agree with Governor Branstad that we need to boost Iowa’s skilled workforce. We should make sure college and job training is affordable so every Iowan can get the skills necessary to land a good job without massive debt after graduation.

However, we’ll never meet that goal if Branstad and Republicans consistently shortchange Iowa schools while giving away millions in corporate tax cuts. School leaders have told us shortchanging our schools will lead to higher class sizes, fewer opportunities for Iowa kids, old textbooks, and outdated technology in the classroom. Instead of making school funding the top priority again, his newest plan will divert millions from schools.

I’m troubled that the Governor still isn’t listening to Iowans about the Medicaid mess he created last year. There are real lives at stake and 560,000 Iowans are being forced in to a new private system without many answers. The Governor didn’t address any of their concerns today.”