“Justice Cady is right. If we as Iowans continue to ignore the racial disparities of incarceration and sentencing, we are compromising our judicial system and our way of life.

Justice Cady has challenged Iowa’s judicial branch to produce systemic changes in addressing the disparity of incarcerated minorities in Iowa.

I believe we can make a difference by communicating and creating a comprehensive plan working together with teachers, law enforcement, community leaders, and judges to reduce juvenile and minority incarceration and arrests.

We can make Iowa a leader in the country and create a level playing field for all Iowans which in turn will be an example for all levels of government to follow.

Justice must be served to all Iowans equally and this is a great first step.”








PHOTO CAPTION: Representative Ako Abdul-Samad with Iowa NAACP members at the reception after the Condition of the Judiciary, given by Chief Justice Mark Cady.