The Legislature will be working on the fiscal year 2016 budget when the new General Assembly convenes in January. At that time, the Legislature will review the budget requests made by the State departments and agencies, as well as the recommendations made by the Governor. Involvement into the budgeting process can actually take place prior to the Legislature convening.   The Governor has scheduled budget hearings on the department and agency requests. These hearing will begin on November 21st and are tentatively scheduled to meet at various times through December 16th. These hearings will be held in the Governor’s Conference Room 9.

November 21

12:30 – 1:30 Department of Corrections

1:30 – 2:00 Attorney General’s Office

2:00-2:30 Department of Inspections and Appeals

2:30 – 2:45 Iowa Public Information Board


December 1

12:00-12:30 Department of Agriculture

12:30-1:00 Department of Natural Resources


December 2

11:00-11:30 Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division

11:30-12:00 Department of Civil Rights

1:00-1:30 Department on Aging

1:30-2:00 Iowa Lottery

2:00-2:30 Department of Public Defense

2:30-3:00 Public Employment Relations Board

3:00-3:30 Iowa Workforce Development

3:30-4:00 Iowa Finance Authority

4:00-4:30 Iowa Communications Network


December 3

8:00-8:15 Office of Chief Information Officer

8:15-8:30 Office of Drug Control Policy

8:30-9:00 Board of Parole

9:00-9:30 State Public Defender

9:30-10:00 Department of Public Safety

10:00-10:30 Iowa Law Enforcement Academy


December 8

10:30-11:30 Department of Human Service

11:30-12:00 Department of Public Health

1:00-1:30 Veterans Home

1:30-2:00 Veterans Affairs

2:00-2:30 Ethics and Campaign Finance

2:30-3:00 Department of Administrative Services

3:00-3:30 State Auditor

3:30-4:00 Vocational Rehabilitation

4:00-4:30 Iowa Public Employees Retirement System

4:30-5:00 Department of Transportation


December 15

11:00-11:30 Iowa Economic Development Authority

11:30-12:00 Human Rights

12:00-12:30 Department of Revenue

2:00-2:30 State Treasurer

2:30-3:00 Department of Cultural Affairs

3:00-4:00 Department of Commerce

4:00-5:15 Board of Regents


December 16

9:00-9:30 Iowa Public Television

9:30-10:00 Department of the Blind

10:00-10:30 Iowa College Student Aid Commission

10:30-11:00 Secretary of State

11:00-11:30 Department of Education