Iowans soon may not have to fly to Las Vegas to bet on their favorite sporting activity and could be able to place a bet right here in Iowa. A House committee recently approved legalizing sports betting in the state under the jurisdiction of Iowa’s existing casinos, pending a U. S. Supreme Court ruling.

States across the country are approving similar language as Iowa, anticipating that the Supreme Court will legalize sports betting across the country. The Supreme Court recently heard a case brought by the state of New Jersey who has already voted to legalize sports betting but has faced legal challenges to their new law. If the court rules that sports betting can be done in all 50 states, Iowans will be allowed to vote on both college and professional sporting events.

Iowa Casinos, who support the proposal, are happy to offer another form of entertainment to their patrons, but it is facing opposition from some of the professional sports leagues across the country, as well as in Iowa. The leagues, such as the NBA and MLB, are worried that without certain “integrity” clauses that are not in the proposal it could hurt the integrity of their games.

The legislation still has a long way to go before becoming law and will likely see changes from its current form.