On Friday, March 15, the Legislature hit the second  self-imposed deadline to narrow the number of bills still eligible for debate, called the “funnel”. While there are a few exceptions for tax and budget bills, any bill that has not cleared a House or Senate Committee is dead for the year. Click to see the full list of bills that are eligible for debate in the House and Senate (sorted by committee).

Democrats are working to improve the lives of everyday Iowans

• Investing in public schools and prevent more school closures
• Keeping job training and college affordable for all Iowans
• Making child care more affordable for working parents and those training for better jobs
• Raising wages for Iowans
• Increasing use of renewable energy and fuels
• Revitalizing rural Iowa with good jobs, high quality of life
• Reducing or eliminate tax breaks for big, out‐of‐state corporations that put the state budget in the red and don’t create jobs in Iowa
• Requiring Senate GOP to pay for $1.75 million sexual harassment suit instead of taxpayers
• Ending Medicaid privatization
• Keeping health care affordable and accessible for all Iowans
• Fixing and invest in Iowa’s mental health system
• Moving long‐term services and supports population out of privatized Medicaid and back to fee‐for‐service

Gov. Reynolds & GOP Lawmakers: Broken Promises & Budget Crisis

• Another record low state investment in public schools; lowest in history for last 8 years at 1% (HF 2230)
• Vouchers that shift $200 million from public schools to private/home schools (SF 2091)
• $1 billion tax giveaway that overwhelmingly benefits corporations and the wealth (SF 2382)
• Directing more state money to out‐of‐state, for‐profit online k‐12 schools (SF 475)
• Millions in mid‐year cuts that will raise tuition and reduce opportunities at community colleges/state universities (SF 2117)
• Allows unregulated health care plans that can deny people based on pre‐existing conditions (SF 2349)
• $10 million cut to skilled worker job creation fund (SF 2117)
• Cutting energy efficiency programs and discriminating against renewable energy options (SF 2311)
• Reducing services at county courthouses with mid‐year cut (SF 2117)
• $6.2 million cut to Human Services (SF 2117)
• Banning abortion at 6 weeks, even in cases of rape or incest (SF 359)
• Ending state property tax backfill for local governments, reduces police/fire services & raising property taxes (SF 2081)
• Eliminating protections in current gun ownership laws (HJR 2009)
• Banning sanctuary cities even though Iowa doesn’t have any (SF 481)