Iowa House Republicans are working on two bills this week that will shut down Iowa’s growing wind energy industry, which currently employs thousands of Iowans.

“Over the last decade, we’ve built Iowa’s wind energy industry from the ground up and become a world leader in renewable energy,” said Rep. David Dawson, D-Sioux City.  “The Clean Line project will bring $200 million to Sioux City and create or sustain hundreds of jobs.  Rep. Kauffman’s bill will shut down this project as well as kill jobs and economic development.”

Iowa is not only a leading producer of wind energy, it also manufacturers every component of wind turbines in Fort Madison, Newton, West Branch, and Cedar Rapids.  The $2 billion Clean Line project is privately funded and is estimated to bring an additional $7 billion investment in new wind farms to Iowa.  The investment will also bring an estimated 4,000 new construction jobs to Iowa.

“Over 6,000 Iowans are already employed in Iowa’s wind energy industry and we can’t afford to put the brakes on the progress we’ve made.  The House Republican plan is a step in the wrong direction,” said State Representative Dan Kelley, D-Newton, which is home to TPI Composites.

Republicans are considering two bills today that would stop investment in Iowa’s wind energy industry, House File 2056 and House Study Bill 641.