Republicans refused to debate the anti-bullying bill today in the Iowa House.  The bill was originally proposed by Governor Branstad and was approved on a bi-partisan 43-7 vote in the Iowa Senate last month.

“After three years, I’m disappointed that House Republicans still refuse to debate the anti-bullying bill.  There is broad, bi-partisan support for this bill if Republican leaders would just bring it up for debate.  Every day Republicans sit on their hands, another kid is harassed online or picked on by his peers but too ashamed to talk with his parents about it,” said Rep. Chris Hall of Sioux City, who pushed Republicans to bring up the bill for a vote immediately.  “Instead of providing educators, parents, and kids with the tools to change the culture of bullying within schools, Republican leaders are unwilling to stand up to the far-right fringe and do what’s best for Iowa kids.”

Senate File 345, the anti-bullying bill, was approved by the Iowa Senate in March and is ready for debate in the Iowa House. However, House Republican leaders have so far refused to bring the bill up.

Rep. Hall forced a vote today in the Iowa House that would immediately bring the bill up for debate, but it was voted down by Republicans.