The House Education Committee voted to end Iowa’s statewide preschool initiative again last night.  House Democrats fought to continue the successful, quality initiative which is both sustainable and saves the state money in the long run.  The fight for quality preschool isn’t over, so please sign the Save Iowa Preschool petition.

State Rep. Cindy Winckler, D-Davenport, on the bill (HSB 145)

“The Republican plan dismantles the statewide voluntary preschool initiative for 20,000 four year olds is another burden on Iowa’s middle class.  It will reduce access to both public and private preschools for families while giving parents no guarantee of quality instruction with no certified teacher.  With strong support from business leaders, educators, and parents who understand that it raises student achievement and saves the state money in the long run, Republicans clearly are not listening to the people of Iowa.”