House Republicans passed a zero percent Allowable Growth for Iowa schools instead of providing 2 percent growth offered by Democrats for next year.

Allowable growth sets the amount of state and property tax dollars that funds school districts.  The growth is set by the legislature every year to provide a cost of living adjustment to schools.

“For 40 years, the Legislature has never turned its back on public education like this bill is proposing to do so,” said Rep. Nathan Willems of Lisbon, the top-ranking Democrat on the House Education Committee. “For the life of me I do not understand how the majority party can claim that Iowa can afford $700 million in income tax cuts, $200 million in corporate tax cuts, and in the next sentence say that we can’t afford an additional $65 million to properly fund 2 percent allowable growth.” Quoted from the Des Moines Register.

Democrats offered a two percent growth instead of zero percent growth, however  the zero percent measure was approved by the Iowa House and now goes to the Senate, which prefers two percent. If zero percent growth becomes law, it would be the first time Iowa has ever provided no growth for our schools.

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