After ignoring state law and local school officials for over a month, House Republicans again refused to take action on school funding today.

“We’ve set high expectations for our schools and students but House Republicans still refuse to take action.  They need to follow our own law that guarantees public schools are the top priority of the Legislature,” said State Representative Sharon Steckman, D-Mason City, and Ranking Member of the House Education Committee. “Republicans have stopped listening to superintendents, parents and teachers who overwhelmingly want us to take action now. Our students deserve better.”

For over twenty years ago, state law has required the Legislature and Governor to set basic state aid for schools, called allowable growth, a year and half in advance. The law is designed to set aside funds for public schools first and give schools time to plan.  House Republicans were supposed to follow the law and set basic school aid last month.

Rep. Steckman tried to bring up the school funding bill that has already been approved by the Iowa Senate.  She requested today that the full House take action on Senate File 2079, which increases basic state aid for schools by 6% for the 2015-2016 school year. On a straight party line vote, House Republicans refused to bring the bill up.