In a spending plan released by Republicans today, lawmakers learned efforts to improve water quality passed just three days ago would now be scaled back by $2 million next year.

“I’m stunned Republicans have broken their promise in just three days and already cut $2 million from their water quality plan. The plan was already dramatically short of the investment needed and the flawed budget released today by Republicans just proves they aren’t serious about cleaning up our waterways,” said State Representative Bruce Bearinger of Oelwein, who serves on the Appropriations Committee and is co-chair of the House Rural Caucus.

On Monday, the Iowa House approved a water quality plan (House File 2451) that Republicans said would provide an additional $9 million next year to improve water quality. While that bill had $5 million from gaming revenues, the Republican plan used another $4 million from the general fund to be approved later this session. However, when their spending plan was released today (House Study Bill 656), it only had $2 million for water quality efforts.

“If Republicans can’t keep their word for even three days, there is no way Iowans can trust them to make any long-term commitment to improve our water quality. Iowans deserve better,” said Bearinger.