House Democrats called for a public hearing today to give Iowans time to read the 600 page Republican budget bill.

“This bill is the largest in Iowa history, spending over $25 billion, and Iowans deserve time to review it and give us input,” said State Representative Tyler Olson, Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Committee. “Spending $25 billion of Iowa taxpayer money with no time for public input is irresponsible and Iowans deserve better.”

After announcing plans just a few days ago to approve one giant budget bill without any input from Democrats, House Republicans want to pass the bill on Tuesday before Iowans have a chance to weigh in.

“Republicans haven’t even revealed their latest plan to give big tax breaks to corporations paid for by higher property taxes on homeowners,” added Olson. “Iowans should at least get to see all the facts before a vote on any spending plan and Democrats won’t settle for a budget that penalizes the middle class and starves our schools.”