Representative Dave Williams

House District 60


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Dave Williams is serving his second term in the Iowa House of Representatives.  He serves on the Agriculture, Appropriations, Economic Growth, and Information Technology committees, as well as the Agriculture and DNR Appropriations Subcommittee. He was appointed to be the Ranking Member for the Information Technology committee.

Williams was born and raised in Iowa.  His parents owned and operated a small-town grocery and hardware store after his father was forced after a disability to leave his skilled-trade job.  Williams began his career as an engineer at John Deere; during his 36 years with the company he earned promotions to a number of higher managerial positions.  After concluding his Deere career, Williams was an adjunct UNI professor, self-employed executive coach and small business consultant while continuing to be active in a number of community volunteer activities.

During his Deere career, Williams led the implementation of new technology and methods to ensure innovative energy and environmental management, quality improvement, and operations management.  He has been privileged to “pay forward” his business experience in the legislature.

Along with his professional experiences, Williams’ time as a community volunteer affirmed his core principles. He has earned a strong understanding of the need for collaboration in order to identify problems, determine solutions, and reach mutually beneficial goals.  Williams is a life-long learner and knows that public education is key to democracy and allows all to set themselves on a path to be a life-long learners, regardless of the extent of formal education after their K-12 education. While he has enjoyed the privilege of paying forward his broad range of experience, it was support for public education that led him to run for office.

Williams finds enjoyment in volunteering in his community.  He has served as Vice President of the Cedar Falls Board of Education, Chair of the Cedar Falls Utilities Board of Trustees, Chair of the Cedar Falls Historic Preservation Commission, and was a key leader in the establishment of the Cedar Falls telecommunications utility.  In addition to volunteering, Williams spends his free time on outdoor recreation, historic preservation, enjoying live music, and sport touring on his motorcycle.