What are your suggestions for restoring the quality of Iowa’s rivers and waterways?

A legislative Rivers and Waterways Study Committee has been charged with “developing recommendations for an initial plan to prioritize river and waterway projects and provide defined goals and measurable improvements” for Iowa’s rivers.  To do this, the committee has been asked to “consult with interested parties in considering options for restoring the quality of Iowa’s rivers and waterways. Interested parties may include engineers, local watershed partnerships, persons who farm near rivers and waterways, anglers, boaters, and other interested parties.”

The committee is now accepting public input from all Iowans, via the legislative website.

To make a comment, go to https://www.legis.iowa.gov/APPS/Feedback/ResponseForm.aspx?qid=3.

To view comments, go to https://www.legis.iowa.gov/APPS/Feedback/ResponseListing.aspx?qid=3

Here are some questions that may help guide your input:

  1. What goals should guide Iowa’s planning and investment related to rivers and waterways?
  2. What kind of river and waterway projects should the state consider supporting?
  3. How should projects be prioritized?
  4. What improvements to Iowa’s rivers and waterways should be measured?

While water pollution will be one of the issues the committee considers, the committee can look at a broad range of river-related issues, depending on the input received.