Be Informed! Take Action!

Vouchers. Massive corporate tax giveaways. Higher tuition. Less accessible and more expensive health care. State budget mess.

Iowa Republicans worked overtime last session and made life more difficult for Iowans.  Health care is more expensive and less accessible. Homeowners are paying higher property taxes.  Public schools are struggling to keep up.  Tuition is going up for students at community colleges and universities.  And corporate tax giveaways have put the state budget in the red for the 4th time in a year.

We need your help to stay informed and take action.

This network was created by Democratic lawmakers and staff to inform, connect, and activate Iowans on Republican proposals at the State Capitol that undermine our progressive values.  Sign up for the Iowa Statehouse Progressive Network and receive:

  • Breaking News Updates: Updates from the State Capitol when Republicans introduce bills or plan debate on issues that attack our progressive values
  • Action Alerts: Steps you can take to help stop Republicans at the Capitol
  • Weekly Issue Update Email that include:

* Comprehensive tracking of key anti-progressive bills, including links to read bills, current status, and bill summaries prepared by capitol staff
* Key action steps Iowans can take to make a difference
* Links to find forums for Democratic and Republican lawmakers
* Links to find and connect directly with Iowa lawmakers

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