The More Perfect Union Plan has four common sense solutions Iowa lawmakers to act on before adjournment. It’s modeled on successful legislation introduced in other states to improve public safety and includes:

1) Ban police chokeholds: Make it illegal for law enforcement in the state of Iowa to use a chokehold or any other neck restraint unless a person poses an imminent threat of death or bodily injury.

2) Make it illegal to rehire police fired for misconduct: Iowa communities deserve to be protected and served by our nation’s finest. This legislation would make it illegal for Iowa police departments to hire officers who were previously fired or who resigned while being investigated for serious misconduct or excessive force.

 3) Allow the Attorney General to investigate police misconduct: To ensure justice for all Iowans involved in police incidents, this legislation empowers both the state Attorney General and County Attorneys to bring charges against law enforcement for police misconduct.

4) Increased bias and deescalating training: Provide extensive training that has techniques to minimize the use of force.