Belmond native Nancy Paule Huisinga has officially announced that she will run for State Representative in House District 8.

“My family of  business owners, farmers, and nurses, taught me the meaning of hard work and helping your neighbors at a young age. I was raised by a single mom who worked up to three jobs as a registered nurse and still found time to volunteer and help others in our community. I’ll take those values with me to the statehouse and be a strong voice for rural Iowa,” said Huisinga.

Huisinga was raised in Belmond and now lives in Clarion.  She is currently a home health and hospice care nurse and has co-owned and operated a registered daycare in Clarion.  She is a graduate of Belmond High School and Iowa Wesleyan College in Mt. Pleasant.

“I understand how important quality child care is to working families and I know what it takes to run a successful small business,” added Huisinga.  “I’m deeply proud to be raised and live in Wright County but there is more that the state can and must do to help communities like ours thrive and grow. Anyone who works hard should be able to enter the ranks of the middle class.  One should not have to be a land owner or a business executive to be middle class in America.”

“My work days in public health are focused on finding services and resources to help Wright County give top quality care to its people economically. I feel that my extensive background and all that I have learned in the healthcare setting as a nurse will serve the people of District 8 well,” said Huisinga.

HD 08 Huisinga Headshot