The 2015 legislative session ended in early June and now a host of new bills will take effect starting beginning July 1.

Topping the list is several new laws that make progress to help working families, create jobs, and protect vulnerable Iowans.

Some of the changes taking effect on July 1 include:

Protecting Iowans

  • Safe at Home program created to protect addresses of victims of sexual or domestic abuse (HF 585)
  • Cell phone companies can now provide information during emergencies (HF 447)
  • Independent mental health advocates will be in each county to ensure Iowans receive the services they need (HF 468)
  • Patients and physicians will now be able to have constructive dialogue when there are medical errors (SF 426)
  • Schools can use and store Epipens in cause of life-threatening emergency situations (SF 462)

Investing in Iowa’s Future

  • New markets opened and cut red tape for Iowa small businesses producing craft beers (SF 456/HF 131)
  • Rural Improvement Zones expanded to encourage new development (HF 615)

Supporting Iowa’s Veterans

  • Veterans are now protected from fraud from outside organizations who charge fees to get the benefits they have already earned (HF 414)
  • Authorized $2.5 million annually to Veterans Trust Fund from the Iowa Lottery (SF 323)
  • Protesters will have to be twice as far away from military funerals (HF 558)

To see the full list go to here.