With the beginning of the state’s fiscal year, a host of new laws will take effect on July 1 relating to public health, workforce, and public safety.

Lawmakers took action this session to stop texting while driving. Beginning July 1, law enforcement officers will now be able to pull over drivers and ticket them for texting while driving. Under the old law, officers could not pull over drivers just for texting.

Starting the first of the month, there will be a new initiative to help first-time homebuyers save up for their first home. Another bill going into effect July 1st will expand business opportunities for small breweries, wineries, and distilleries that are now flourishing across Iowa.

Several changes to Iowa law starting in July were made this year to protect Iowans. Some of the new laws include new protections for victims of stalking and abuse; protecting children from drugs; and a new program to reduce drunk driving fatalities.

See the full list of bills going into effect July 1 here6-21-17_NewLaws1.