Several new laws will hit the books on July 1, the start of the state’s fiscal year. Several changes were made during the 2009 legislative session that will impact Iowans, including new restrictions on sex offenders, foreclosure protection, and better health care.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Foreclosure Protection – Iowans will benefit from expanded services when facing foreclosure, more accurate information from mortgage brokers or bankers, and active duty reservists and national guard members will have new protections from foreclosure while serving (House File 706, Senate File 355, and Senate File 364)


  • Historic Tax Credits – Another $30 million in Historic Tax Credits will be available for communities to create jobs and rebuild (Senate File 481)


  • Protecting Kids from Sex Offenders – Sex offenders will be prohibited from being within 300 feet of schools, parks, or other places kids gather. The state will also enhance tracking of the most dangerous sex offenders. (Senate File 430)


  • Expanding Health Care – Health care will be expanded to an additional 30,000 uninsured kids, more low-income women will be eligible for health care during pregnancy, and it will be easier for parents to keep their adult children under 25 on their insurance plan (Senate File 389)


  • Wind Energy – Schools, hospitals, universities, private colleges, and community colleges will be eligible to apply for wind energy tax credits (Senate File 456)


  • Manure Application During Winter – In an effort to prevent runoff into waterways, confinement operations are banned from surface application of liquid manure on snow covered ground from December 21-April 1, and on frozen ground from February 1-April 1, unless there is an emergency. (Senate File 432)


  • Electronic Logs for Pseudoephedrine – Pharmacies will now use electronic logbooks to track pseudoephedrine sales and stop meth makers from “pharmacy shopping” to get enough of the drug to make meth (Senate File 237)


  • Job Protection for Volunteer Emergency Providers – Volunteer emergency service providers, like fire fighters and first responders, will have new protections from being fired if they are late or absent due to an emergency (House File 671)


  • Insurance Coverage – Insurance policies issued or renewed after July 1 must include coverage for prosthetics, can’t discriminate among cancer treatments, and cover diabetes management training (Senate File 478, House File 478 & House File 311)


  • Nursing Home Safety – Nursing homes will face higher fines for incidents resulting in death or severe injury (Senate File 433)


  • Consumer Fraud Protections – Iowa consumers, especially seniors, who are defrauded when buying a used car, hiring contractors for home repairs, or starting a home mortgage will have new rights to sue the business that defrauded them (House File 712)