Several new laws will hit the books on July 1, the start of the state’s new fiscal year, here just a few highlights:

  • $17 million to help local businesses expand and bring new jobs to Iowa  (House File 604)
  • $66 million for the skilled worker job creation fund to help Iowans upgrade work skills, fill key shortage areas, and connect businesses with training and education (House File 604)
  • Expanded the STEM initiative to recruit more students into science, technology, engineering, and math fields (HF 604)
  • $27 million to enact Nutrient Reduction Strategy and improve water quality (HF 648 & SF 435)
  • Encouraged more production and use of ethanol and biodiesel (HF 640)
  • Expanded support to maintain and improve Iowa’s 85 state parks (SF 435)
  • Allowed pharmacists to administer flu shots and other vaccinations for anyone over six years old (SF 353)
  • New screenings for newborns to detect heart defects (SF 452)
  • Encouraged more health care professionals to locate in rural Iowa (HF 604)
  • Updated Iowa law to protect children from sex offenses (SF 298)
  • New non-resident hunting license for injured members of the military and veterans (HF 361)
  • Made it easier for soldiers to apply for national guard tuition assistance (SF 332)
  • Provided additional funds to judicial branch with a goal to keep Clerks of Court offices in county courthouses open five days a week (SF 442)
  • Funded the Iowa Public Information Board to keep government open and accountable (HF 603)

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