A legislative interim committee was held to discuss the pros and cons of allowing all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) on Iowa roadways.  A group of ten legislators met to hear from representatives from the Department of Natural Resources, Department of Transportation, ATV Injury Task Force, Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa, Polaris Industries, and an owner of an off-road vehicle park.

Currently, farmers are exempted from rules against ATVs on rural roads for farm-related work and current Iowa Code allows for cities and counties to allow for limited on-road use.

Supporters of the legislation argue the increased revenue from licensing the vehicles would be helpful for rural Iowa and a uniform law for the state would prevent confusion. Opponents argue that manufacturers do not build the vehicles to ride on the road and doing so can be harmful and dangerous to the driver and possible riders.

A bill to allow ATV’s on roadways, House File 619, was approved last session and may be considered by the Senate during the 2014 session. This committee meeting is another step in the process of considering the bill.

All persons are welcome to contact any member of the committee with comments concerning the issues addressed by the committee. Committee members can be found at this website: https://www.legis.iowa.gov/Schedules/committee.aspx?GA=85&CID=925.