This year, the Legislature worked on many bills relating to Iowa’s natural resources.

One piece of legislation gives the State Forest Nursery more flexibility in pricing the seeds and plants they sell. The nursery provides good-quality native plant materials to the public at fair prices and will now be able to sell seeds in smaller quantities directly to Iowans.

Another piece of legislation signed by the Governor makes changes to state-sponsored bass fishing tournaments. The bill increased the number of bass you can submit for weigh-in from three to five. It also erases the minimum fish length requirement that most tournaments enforce for weigh-in. This gives sportsmen and women more flexibility when entering these state tournaments.

Finally, the Legislature voted to put Palmer Amaranth on both the primary noxious weed list and the list of invasive plants. Palmer Amaranth is a fast growing plant that crowds out crops such as corn, cotton, and soybeans. As a primary noxious weed, Palmer Amaranth seeds will no longer allowed to be sold or imported within the state. Also, this bill will allow for county weed commissioners to enter land and destroy the weed in certain circumstances.

For more information regarding the hunting and fishing laws in Iowa, please visit the Iowa Department of Natural Resource’s website at