HD 43 Robinson HeadshotThirteen years ago corporate executive Kim Robinson moved with his wife and two young daughters to Clive, Iowa from the San Francisco Bay Area via a corporate relocation.

By the end of that year the company that brought him and his family to Iowa reorganized and Kim was faced with the dilemma of yet another move or stay in Iowa. He and his wife liked their home and neighborhood and school for their girls so they made the right decision and settled in Clive to raise their family.

Kim followed his dream of being an entrepreneur in 2003 when he launched a sales training company to help sales people communicate instead of badger. The training industry is highly competitive, but his hard work and ability to negotiate agreements and make things happen turned his modest start-up into what is now D2D Cable—a unique, video–based sales and customer service training company with a global clientele.

Robinson knows business and he knows how to succeed in tough competitive environments. He knows, first-hand, what kind of environment a business needs to thrive—be it a large corporation or a start-up. And he knows, first-hand, what services are needed to establish and maintain a high quality of life. Most important, he knows that a good business environment combined with a high quality of life can attract good businesses to Iowa to create more and better jobs for     Iowans.

He is running to be the Democratic representative from House District 43 to ensure that Iowa continues to provide excellent public education and be a great place to live, work and raise a family.

The Robinson daughters grew up as Iowans and attended West Des Moines public schools elementary through high school. Their eldest daughter, Ryan (Valley High School class of 2010), recently graduated from Boston University Summa Cum Laude, and their younger daughter, Alex (Valley High School class of 2012), is an honor student in the College of Design at Iowa State University.

House District 43 includes Clive, Windsor Heights, West Des Moines