Opening Remarks from House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy:

Thank you Mr. Speaker and ladies & gentlemen of the House. This legislative session we are perfectly poised – perfectly poised to maintain the historic progress we made last year while putting people before politics.

If the Iowa caucuses showed us anything earlier this month, Iowans want us to have a more hopeful, optimistic politics…and we are perfectly poised to do so.

But it will not be easy…it’s an election year and we all know it will be easy to slip into partisan politics and negativity….Is it possible we can disagree without being disagreeable?

If we can do this…if we can work together…we can continue to deliver positive things for Iowa.

Last year we made great strides in education, health care, and renewable energy. This year we are perfectly poised to maintain that progress, if we have the will to do so, and we can maintain that progress while still balancing the budget. We will be smart with state’s pocketbook.

A word of thanks to those who have served this body well. Two Democrats are running for the lower chamber – the Senate. Rep. Jochum and Rep. Dandekar – thank you for your service. For the Republicans who will be serving in their last session –

Rep. Hoffman
Rep. Tomenga
Rep. Clute
Rep. Boal
Rep. Gipp
Rep. Greiner
Rep. Jacobs
Rep. Schickel

Thank you for your service. To any other Republican who would like to be added to this list…I would be happy to publicly thank you as well.

We are perfectly poised to maintain the progress we made last session while putting people before politics…Now let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.