In an effort to prevent repeat drunk driving offenders, a new program commonly called Sobriety 24/7 passed the legislature this year. The program requires anyone convicted of a criminal offense where alcohol was a contributing factor, including certain Operating While Intoxicated Offenses, to test at least twice daily for alcohol or controlled substances.

A court or other governmental entity can require participation in the program as a condition of bond, pretrial release, sentencing, probation, parole, or as part of a temporary restricted license. Any jurisdiction can participate in the program by submitting an application to the Department of Public Safety.

Anyone required to participate in the program can test daily at a central location, such as a sheriff’s office or local police department, or at any alternate location determined by the Department of Public Safety. A person required to be in the program also must install an ignition interlock device that requires the person to blow into a device and prove that the person is not intoxicated before operating a motor vehicle. The bill allows for alternate provisions to be established if the program would create an undue hardship to participate.

If the bill is signed by the Governor jurisdictions can begin participating in July of this year.