[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIAUjcmrkYw[/youtube][youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwrhwMB8Ezc[/youtube]DES MOINES: Today House and Senate legislators released the details of new legislation to protect middle class families from unreasonable increases in insurance costs and car repair shops that perform services without authorization.

“This legislation will help working and middle class families who have been hit by a death or serious illness, a military deployment, identity theft or a natural disaster. These events can lower their credit score and thus increase their insurance rates,” said Senator Rich Olive of Story City, formerly an insurance agent for 30 years. “That’s kicking Iowa families when they are down.”

“Our legislation requires insurance companies to tell consumers when their rates are being raised due to a lower credit score. Consumers can reverse that increase if they can provide documentation proving they have suffered an extraordinary event like a natural disaster or a death in their immediate family. If necessary, consumers can file an appeal with the Iowa Insurance Consumer Advocate,” added Olive, who noted the legislation, Senate File 2075, received unanimous support in the Senate Commerce Committee.

“Iowans deserve to know up front how much repairs will cost before the service is performed. If a car shop makes expensive repairs to your auto without your permission, they should not be able to keep your car,” said State Representative Bob Kressig of Cedar Falls. “Our plan will protect middle class families by allowing the Attorney General to conduct an immediate investigation and allow families to keep their car if the law wasn’t followed.”

The House Commerce Committee will consider the legislation on car repairs, House Study Bill 525, this afternoon.