State lawmakers are working to find solutions to the propane shortage that hit Iowa last week that more than doubled prices for propane.  Last week, lawmakers  drafted a bill to provide emergency home heating assistance for low-income propane users.

This week, they joined other lawmakers and met with members of the propane industry at the State Capitol to gather more information on the propane crisis and work to find a long-term solution, including exploring the expansion of propane storage so Iowans can lock in prices and not get hit with price spikes in the middle of winter.

Propane industry officials said they are working to improve and expedite distribution of propane as well as address infrastructure problems facing Iowans and fuel providers.

There are suggestions on what the consumer can do to keep your energy costs down including:

  • Turn down your thermostat 5-10 degrees.
  • If you have a propane hot water heater, reduce hot water usage.
  • Do not heat any rooms or building that does not have to be heated.
  • Reduce stove use if you have a propane stove.
  • Avoid calling your propane supplier until your gauge shows you are below 25%.