IMG_5452West Des Moines, Iowa – Policies to support kids and working families will be top priorities for Kristin Sunde, a West Des Moines mom and small business partner, who today announced her bid for State Representative in House District 42 which includes West Des Moines and part of northern Warren County.

“I’ve watched our politics the last few years from the perspective of a mother and partner in a small business, and it’s clear that we need more people serving us that are willing to stop the fighting and work together to do what’s best for Iowans,” says Sunde. “Iowans share many of the same dreams and worries; having a good job with benefits, living in a safe community, educating our children and having access to quality, affordable healthcare. I’m running because I believe it should be possible for people of different political parties to come together to do what’s best for all Iowans. Simply, our state deserves a better kind of politics than what we’re getting now.”

Sunde was raised in northwest Iowa and graduated from Newell-Fonda High School. She attended the University of Iowa before graduating from the University of Northern Iowa. She learned the virtues of hard work early, helping pay her way through college with jobs working the overnight shift at a turkey processing plant and in retail.

“Like all Iowans, I was instilled with the values of working hard, playing by the rules and treating others with respect,” said Sunde, “Iowans continue to work hard, but wages aren’t keeping up with expenses. We play by the rules, but politicians have stacked the deck against working families. We treat our neighbors with respect, but we see politicians fighting with each other and name-calling. We need to do better and we can if we all work together on the things that unite us, rather than fighting over what divides us.”

Kristin works alongside her husband Matt at their financial advisory business, which focuses on helping Iowans protect their hard-earned incomes and save for the future. They have one son and spent the last several years as proud foster parents, providing a safe, loving home to kids and supporting the parents who were working to overcome their struggles and reunite their families. Kristin has also been an active volunteer at her son’s school and a board member of the Central Iowa Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. She’s helped raise funds for arthritis research through the Arthritis Foundation and is a 2006 graduate of the Leadership Iowa program.

“I look forward to having a conversation with the voters of the 42nd district. It’s time we start working together again to get our state back on the right track.”

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