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Since the courts are an independent branch of government, the law requires the Governor to pass on their budget requests directly to the Legislature without recommendation.

FY 2010

The courts received a total of $155.8 for FY 09.  They are not subject to the across-the-board cuts implemented by the Governor, but identified $3.8 million in administrative savings.  The Court’s request for FY 10 totals $163.5 million, an increase of $11 million which includes a $3.5 million increase for the Judicial Retirement Fund.  Generally speaking, money for the Courts is appropriated from the general fund based on money coming in from court fines and other revenue streams.  None of the money for the Judicial Retirement Fund comes from the general fund.

Justice Systems

Dept. of Public Safety

The Dept. of Public Safety is subject to the 1.5% across-the-board cut that was announced in December, but the Governor did ask the Legislature to back-fill an appropriation for law enforcement.  The Department identified $1.8 million in administrative cuts for FY 09, but will not be subject to the 6.5% reductions.

Dept. of Corrections

While the Dept. of Corrections is subject to the 1.5% across-the-board (ATB) cut and identified $7.4 million in administrative cuts, they are not subject to the 6.5% reductions for FY 2010.  The Governor also asked that the Legislature to put money back in the Corrections’ budget to hold correctional officers harmless.  This agency will actually still see an increase in their overall budget due to a variety of circumstances including moving the $4 million appropriation for Drug Courts with CBCs  from HITT (Healthy Iowans Tobacco Trust Fund) to the general fund; $2.5 million increase for sex offenders as required in SF 619 passed in 2005; $2.5 million increase for one-stop re-entry programs at Ft. Dodge, Community Based Corrections Facilities in Des Moines and Waterloo; and $2.6 million increase for food, fuel, and pharmacy.

Law Enforcement Academy

While the Law Enforcement Academy is subject to the 1.5% ATB, administrative cuts, and the 6.5% reductions from the general fund, the Governor is recommending $185,000 from the Technology Reinvestment Fund for technology upgrades.

Attorney General

While the Attorney General’s Office is subject to the 1.5% ATB, administrative cuts, and the 6.5% reductions from the general fund, their FY 10 recommended appropriation is higher due to the Governor funding the victims assistance grants from the general fund, and not any other fund.


FY 09

1.5% ATB





FY 10

Gov. Rec.



$1.4 mill

$1.8 mill


$89 mill

DOC $377.1 mill

$5.6 mil

$7.4 mill


$377.4 mill

Indigent Defense

$31.3 mill



$1.9 mill

$26.6 mill

Public Defender

$22.2 mill



$1.5 mill

$22.2 mill

Law Enforcement Academy

$1.3 mill




$1.2 mill

Board of Parole





$1.2 mill

Attorney General





$17.9 mill

Dept. of Public Defense

$9,3 mill




$8.4 mill

Civil Rights Commission

$1.6 mill




$1.4 mill

Infrastructure Projects

The Governor is recommending infrastructure projects for the Dept. of Corrections, Dept. of Public Defense, and Dept. of Public Safety.  These projects will either be funded through the $700 million infrastructure bonding proposal, the Endowment for Iowa’s Health Restricted Capitals Fund (RC2), or the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund.

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