There are 48 Main Street Iowa communities so far that have been selected to capitalize on the unique identity, assets and character of their historic commercial district. Main Street Iowa is an economic development tool with an emphasis on capitalizing on historic preservation. Since, its inception in 1986, the Main Street program has created 11,000 Iowa jobs. For every dollar appropriated to the Main Street Iowa program, there was a private investment of over $60.

In the first three years of participation by community, the state of Iowa invests approximately $100,000 in on-site visits, training, and technical assistance. Businesses in designated Main Street communities can receive both financial and technical assistance. These benefits can spur the economic climate, create additional jobs, and maintain good paying jobs in communities.

Grants are also available to Main Street Iowa communities including small business loans, development and preservation loans, and community beautification loans.

To learn more about the Main Street Iowa program, or how to become a Main Street Iowa Community visit: